Checking your PC Reliability Monitor and Retrieving DMP Files

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If you are encountering some problems with your PC, we’d like to determine if Windows 10 has identified any errors related to these issues. We can do this through the Windows 10 reliability report. To access this report, please search up in the Windows 10 Search Bar, “View Reliability Report”.

Once opened, you will see the history behind your PC’s reliability. You may see some “Critical Events”, “Warnings”, and “Informational Events”. Warnings and Informational Events don’t have much bearing on the issue you are encountering, what we need to understand if your PC has any history of Critical Events. These are represented by a red X on the chart on the page. Here is an example of the Event Viewer and what you’ll see for reference.

For any Critical Events, please press the “View Technical Details” button for said Event and provide us screenshots of the information provided by Windows. If your PC encountered an error that resulted in a blue screen coming up on your PC, please make sure to provide us photos of the errors associated with them. Once you’ve provided us these details, we’ll look into the error codes if applicable and try to understand what could be causing this crashing for you.

Additionally, we will also need your dump files. To get these files, navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump and drag the contents to your desktop. If the minidump folder is not there or empty, there may be a larger DMP file located at C:\WINDOWS called MEMORY.DMP, which we can also use. If you have minidumps use them FIRST, and only upload the full dump file (MEMORY.DMP) if there are no minidumps. It is faster for you to upload and faster for us to download.

Zip up the files using the built-in compression on Win 10 WinZip/WinRAR on other operating systems. We prefer the 3 most recent DMP files, but if you have less, we can still look at them.

Upload them to a file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive and submit them to our support team.

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