Removing the Panels on the H710/H710i

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Removing the panels on the H710 is relatively easy and only takes a few moments to do. Firstly, you will need to take off your glass panel, this is done with the screw located at the top left of the case from the windowed side.H710.png

After this, you should remove the top and front panels on the case. You will need to take the front panel off first before removing the top one. You will need to pull from the bottom of the panel outwards with considerable force to remove it. Then perform the same motion from the front panel. This is shown in the animations below.


Lastly, you will need to remove the back panel, this can be easily done by pressing the button right above your rear I/O slot (shown in the photo below). Be careful when pressing this button, the panel will pop open so have a hand ready to catch it.


If you have any problems with removing your panels on your H710/H710i, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

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