RGB & Fan Controller v2 Frequently Asked Questions

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Howdy! You’re probably here because you have some questions about the NZXT RGB Fan Controller. Let’s see if we have an easy answer here for you—Here are some common questions about our RGB & Fan Controller v2!


Does the RGB & Fan Controller v2 support previous generation NZXT RGB devices?

Yes! The new RGB & Fan Controller v2 will support all existing NZXT RGB products!


How much power(wattage) does the RGB & Fan Controller v2 pull?

This controller will pull a maximum of 36w of power from your system.


Can I use 3rd party RGB devices with this controller?

Our RGB & Fan Controller v2 only supports NZXT RGB products using our NZXT RGB header.


How much fan power can the RGB & Fan Controller v2 support?

This controller will only be able to output a maximum of 30w from all fan headers

simultaneously. If the fans pull more than 30w of power, the controller will automatically shut off

all fan power.


Can I disable the white LED on the RGB & Fan Controller?

This LED indicates the controller is receiving power and is on, and it cannot be disabled in our CAM software.


How many RGB LEDs are supported per channel with the RGB & Fan Controller v2?

The RGB & Fan Controller v2 supports up to 40 LEDs per channel and 160 LEDs connected to

the controller at any given time.


Hope this helped! If you have any other, more specific questions, talk to us here.

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