NZXT H1 V2 Frequently Asked Questions

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Here we will break down some common questions customers might ask you about the product.


Why can I hear my H1 V2 Liquid Cooler?

The H1 V2's CPU Liquid cooler has a non-standard design to fit inside such a tight package. The pump that circulates water within the system is located within the cooler's radiator, which is very close to the outside of the H1 V2 case. Typically most standard liquid coolers have the pump located directly above the water block mounted to the CPU. Due to its position in a typical ATX case, the pump is much harder to hear and is partially dampened, making it harder to hear. 


Why did we refresh the original H1?

The H1 V2 is our answer to the feedback we've been given on the H1 V1 regarding GPU compatibility and airflow. The H1 V2 allows for larger GPUs with higher wattage requirements to be used while being kept cool with a 140mm and 92mm fan controllable via our included CAM-enabled fan controller.


Can I control the 140mm AIO in the H1 V2?

While you can control both the 140mm and 92mm fans in the H1 V2 via CAM, you cannot control the pump directly in CAM. Your AIO pump tach can be connected directly to the H1 V2 fan controller but is not controllable as it needs to run at full speed. The default speeds for CPU_FAN in the motherboard are recommended for the cooler's operation.


Would the 750W PSU included with the NZXT H1 V2 be controllable by NZXT's CAM software?

The H1 V2 750W PSU is not a CAM-powered product, so it would not be visible or controllable within our CAM software.


Would it be possible to add more SATA connections to this PSU?

While this is possible, due to the design of this case, and depending on your build, there may not be any space for additional cable routing or mounting of more 2.5-inch storage devices.


What GPUs are compatible?

The H1 V2 has a much more comprehensive range of compatible GPUs due to our changes to this case. Keep these details in mind for compatibility with your GPU.

  • GPU Thickness: Up to 58mm
  • GPU Length: Up to 324mm
  • GPU Slot Size: Two Slots


Why does NZXT not include/offer a separate mesh front panel for the H1 V2?

We believe that the improved cooling performance of the newest revision to the H1 provides adequate cooling for each component, reducing the need for a mesh front panel.


Are the front and rear panels interchangeable?

These panels are not interchangeable as there is a different mounting system for front and rear panels.


What is the warranty for the H1 V2?

The H1 V2 will come with a 3-year warranty on the case, PCIe riser, and AIO. In addition, the PSU will have a separate warranty of 10 years.


How many I/O ports does the H1 V2 have?

The H1 V2 will support the following connections:

  • One USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C Port
  • Two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A Ports
  • One Audio & Mic connection (merged, requires four-pole headphone jack)


Can I purchase the new PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable?

Unfortunately, we cannot sell the new PCIe Riser cable separately. Replacements are reserved for in-warranty replacements of the H1 V2 PCIe riser.


Can I upgrade my H1 to the new H1 V2?

At this time, NZXT does not offer a trade-in or upgrade service for our products. As a result, we cannot upgrade customers to the H1 V2 for an additional fee or provide a discount towards the purchase of an H1 V2.


When will NZXT offer the H1 V2 on the BLD Configurator?

Due to inventory constraints, we are unable to offer the H1 V2 on our BLD service; as this is a recently released product, we want to prioritize customers looking to build their PCs at this time.


Is the H1 V2 power supply fan supposed to be always on?

Due to the higher wattage output and small form factor of the included PSU within the H1 V2, the built-in fan must run at all times for optimal cooling.


Is the H1 V1 compatible with H1 V2 Parts?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as the H1 V2 has a larger chassis than its predecessor. While these cases share a very similar design, the components on the H1 V2 are much larger than the V1, making switching between the two impossible.

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