NZXT H1 Series (V2) FAQ

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Why can I hear my H1 V2 Liquid Cooler?

The H1 V2 liquid cooler's design is different from many others that you'll see in that the pump which circulates water within the system is located within the cooler's radiator rather than mounted directly to the cold plate for the CPU.  This does mean that the pump is closer to the outside of the case rather than towards the inside, so the noise from the pump may be more apparent as its location does make dampening this noise more difficult.

Why did we update the NZXT H1 to the H1 V2?

The H1 V2 is our answer to the feedback we've been given on the H1 V1 regarding GPU compatibility and airflow. The H1 V2 allows for larger GPUs with higher wattage requirements to be used while being kept cool with a 140mm and 92mm fan controllable via our included CAM-enabled fan controller.

The H1 V2 is our answer to not only the great feedback we received on the original NZXT H1 case regarding GPU compatibility and airflow, but also to the growing needs of new hardware coming out that many builders would definitely want to take advantage of.

The updated H1 V2 case allows builders to not only take advantage of larger GPUs with greater power requirements with ease, but also includes improved airflow with an additional 92mm fan and full NZXT CAM support for controlling the included case fans.

Can I control the pump speed for the included 140mm AIO in the NZXT CAM software?

While the included CAM powered controller in the H1 V2 is capable of controlling both the 140mm and 92mm case fans, it does not feature controls for the included pump and only includes speed monitoring.  Instead, the pump speeds will be regulated entirely fan curve settings for the motherboard header used.

It is recommended to not adjust the default curve for the AIO cooler to ensure optimal performance, as many motherboards will include optimized settings for liquid coolers.

Is the 750W PSU included with the H1 V2 controllable through the NZXT CAM software?

The 750W PSU included with the H1 V2 case is not an NZXT CAM-powered product, so it will not appear within or be controllable through the NZXT CAM software.

Is it possible to add more SATA connections to the PSU, and does NZXT provide additional SATA power cables?

While it is possible to add additional SATA power cables to the PSU in the H1 V2 case, the cables included with the H1 V2 are specifically sized to provide power to the case and minimize cable clutter while allowing the maximum number of supported components to be installed.

Due to this design, NZXT does not provide additional SATA power cables for the H1 V2 outside of supported warranty issues such as if a cable is damaged or defective.

What GPUs are compatible with the H1 V2?

With the updates to the H1 V2's chassis, the V2 features a much wider range of compatible GPUs that can be installed within the case.  When selecting a GPU to use in the H1 V2, you'll want to make sure the card falls within these parameters:

  • GPU Thickness:  Up to 58mm
  • GPU Length:  Up to 324mm
  • GPU Slot Size:  Up to 2 Slots

Why does NZXT not include/offer a separate mesh front panel for the H1 V2?

With the improved cooling performance of the H1 V2 case, we believe that the H1 V2 provides adequate cooling for all components installed without the need for an additional mesh front panel.

Is the Front (Tempered Glass) and Rear (Mesh) panel of the H1 V2 interchangeable?

These panels are not interchangeable due to differences in the mounting points for the front and rear case panels.

What is the warranty for the H1 V2?

The H1 V2 case includes a 3-year parts and labor warranty for the case itself as well as the included PCIe riser cable and pre-installed AIO liquid cooler.  In addition to this, the included PSU carries a separate 10-year parts and labor warranty.

This warranty only covers purchases from authorized NZXT distributors and retailers, for more information please check out our NZXT Warranty Policy page.  For more information or to set up a warranty claim, please reach out to our Customer Support team.

How many I/O ports does the H1 V2 include?

The H1 V2 case includes the support for the following connections through its top I/O port:

  • One USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C Port
  • Two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A Ports
  • One 3.5mm Headphone + Microphone Combination Port (requires a CTIA compatible TRRS Jack connection)

Can I purchase the updated PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable for my original NZXT H1?

The updated Riser cable for the H1 V2 is specifically sized for the H1 V2 case and is not fully compatible with previous version of the case.  Because of this, we will be unable to sell the cable separately and reserve inventory strictly for in-warranty replacements for the H1 V2.

Is the 140mm AIO Cooler from H1 V2 compatible with the original NZXT H1?

Due to the updated cooler being reliant on the included CAM controller for the H1 V2, it is not compatible with the original H1 V1 case.

Is the 750W Power Supply from the H1 V2 compatible with the original NZXT H1?

The 750W Power Supply included with the H1 V2 case is a different form factor (SFX) than the 650W unit included with the original NZXT H1 (SFX-L).  Due to this change in form factor, the updated power supply is not compatible with the original NZXT H1.

Can I upgrade my original NZXT H1 to the new H1 V2?

At this time, NZXT does not offer a trade-in or upgrade service for our products.  Due to this, we cannot upgrade owners of the original NZXT H1 to the new V2 case for an additional fee or provide a discount towards the purchase of the V2 case.

Is the H1 V2's included 750W Power Supply fan always supposed to be on?

Due to the higher power output and small form factor of the included power supply within the H1 V2, the built-in fan will be running at all times to ensure optimal cooling and performance for the power supply.  Because of this, the included fan includes a Fluid Dynamic Bearing to reduce fan noise and ensure a long fan lifespan.


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