My fans or pump are making noise?

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We design all of our cooling products, such as our AER F, AER RGB, AER P, and Kraken coolers, with sound in mind. However, we understand you would rather not hear your build when playing games or watching a movie, so we have done our best to reduce unnecessary noise as much as possible. 

With that being said, we have to be clear that even with our design focus on sound, no product can be dead silent. There are many reasons why a system might be loud at a given time. This can be due to the following:

  • Excessive CPU temperature
    • Your processor is overclocked
    • Your ambient temperature (how hot it is in the space you are using the system) is higher than room temperature (20-22 °C or 68-72 °F).
    • The cooler may not be efficient enough to handle your processor's temperature
  • Lack of airflow
    • It can be caused by a fan not working correctly in the case
    • Caused by an overly high negative or positive pressure in airflow (typically caused by, for example, having too many intake fans and not enough exhaust fans.)
    • A blockage of the intake/exhaust vents on your case.

Some of these issues are quickly resolved just by looking at your computer physically, verifying all the airways are clear and not blocked, making sure your fans are on and working correctly, and making sure those fans are pointed in the correct directions to promote airflow that works for your case. 

We've designed our patients to support front intake air and rear exhaust for many of our NZXT cases, such as our H710/H510/H210. However, it is best to contact the manufacturer to verify the most efficient airflow for your case for other issues.

Even if your PC has no problems with cooling and your processor isn't overclocked, keep in mind that your PC will still make noise.

While our cooling products are once again designed with sound in mind, please understand that you are doing intensive tasks, such as gaming, live streaming, video editing, etc. You will generate heat, and your PC will do its best to dissipate the heat. It's all about trade-offs; to keep your PC cool, power needs to be spent to spin the fans or your pump, and when something spins at a high rate of speed, it makes sounds.

We recommend that you contact our customer service team if you are concerned about a sound your cooling device is making or your PC is making. Please record a video of the sound occurring and upload it to a file hosting service such as Google Drive, Onedrive, or Dropbox. Our team will be happy to let you know if your sounds are something outside the norm.

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