Why is my Kraken pump and fans ramping up randomly?

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While our Kraken coolers do have default Silent and Performance profiles that fit most configurations, some processors fall outside of those default profiles. Processors with a high TDP (Thermal Design Power) can generate much more heat and require a custom profile for fan and pump performance.

To adjust either your fan or pump profiles, we need to first understand what kinds of temperatures you are seeing, and only then can we smooth out the transition between different fan speeds. This would then reduce the ramping up of your fans and pump. To understand this, we recommend running a benchmark to stress the processor out. We recommend OCCT, which you can download hereOnce downloaded, we need to see how hot your processor gets under a medium load after about 10 minutes on the current silent profile.


Now after letting this run for 10 minutes, make note of the temperature you were sitting at, then stop the test. The temperature you noted is essentially how much heat your CPU makes under a realistic load. In order to reduce the ramping, you would want to move the points on the curve to smooth out how the cooler responds to those heat.

For example, a system with a 10700k and a Z63 cooler had a load of roughly 65c. So the curve was made less aggressive up until 65c, then it jumps up to higher fan speeds to keep the system cooler at a higher load. Please refer to the examples below:



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