What Optical Switches are compatible with my NZXT Function 2 Keyboard?

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This article covers switch compatibility with the NZXT Function 2 Keyboard.  Please note, this only applies to the following models:

This guide does not apply to the Function Mechanical Keyboard.  For information on switch compatibility for the Function Mechanical Keyboard, please see the guide linked below:

NZXT Support - What Mechanical Switches are compatible with my NZXT Function Keyboard?


All NZXT Function 2 keyboards come not only with hot-swappable switch sockets, but will also come with a sampling of some additional switches out of the box.  These switches are the NZXT Swift Yellow switches and NZXT Swift Red switches which can be swapped in place of the pre-installed NZXT Swift Purple switches.

To swap the switches in your keyboard, the steps are quite simple:

  1. Using the included Keycap Puller, grip the keycap around the button(s) you wish to replace on your Keyboard.
  2. Pull upwards away from the keyboard to remove the keycap.  In some cases, you may also pull the switch.
  3. Using the included Switch Puller, grip the switch at the top and bottom of the housing and pull upwards away from the keyboard plate.
  4. Align your replacement switch with the socket, then firmly press down until you feel the switch lock into place.
  5. Replace the removed keycap.

However, before doing this you may have a few quick:

  • What switches are compatible with my keyboard?
  • Can I use Mechanical switches, or am I limited to Optical switches?  What about Hybrid Membrane Switches?
  • What brand of Switch should I go with?
  • Can I use 3-pin?  5-pin?  What are "pins"?

To start, NZXT Function 2 Optical Keyboards are only compatible with MX-style Optical Switches.

MX-style switches are going to be one of the more common switch types you'll see when it comes to Optical Switches and are manufactured by a number of popular switch companies including but not limited to Gateron and Kailh.


To check if your choice of optical switch is compatible, you'll want to make sure that the switch uses an MX-style body type and that there is a clear and open Infrared Path in the stem or "pin" or the switch as shown above.  Some switches will have an alternative Infrared Path which will be incompatible with the Function 2 keyboard.  A popular switch of this style is the Gateron KS series.

For the best compatibility, we do suggest using NZXT Swift switches like those included with the keyboard, as these switches have been optimized to provide the highest level of compatibility with your keyboard.

Why Optical instead of Mechanical?

A question you may find yourself asking is why would I go with Optical switches over the long tried and true Mechanical switch design?  The two biggest reasons come down to three factors:  customization, durability, and speed.

Customization -Because of the nature of optical switches in that they will allow actuation at multiple physical points on the switch, this allows the user to choose between a short throw or a long throw for their key presses.  Are you a reflex gamer looking for the fastest response when you press a key?  Choosing the shorter 1mm actuation point can help with that.  Are you a typist looking to make sure your presses all have intent when you press and need to minimize ghost presses?  The longer 1.5mm actuation point is for you.

Durability - Because there is no mechanical contact within the switch, this means one less point of failure with the switch itself.  This simplification to the design also greatly increases the average lifespan of the switch from 50 million clicks to well over 100 million.

Speed - Touched upon in the Customization section, because an Optical switch operates by breaking a beam of light rather than connecting two electrical contacts this results in a much quicker response to your inputs.  This also allows us to greatly increase the polling rate on the keyboard to a blistering 8,000 Hz (8x that of our Function Mechanical Keyboard).

What switches should I use?

This question is the tricky one for many users, however we'll tackle this from the switches included with the Function 2 keyboard.  All switches we offer will be linear switches which means there is no audible "click" or tactile "bump" like those found on many varieties of mechanical switches.  The switch type will come down to personal preference.

  • Swift Purple - The standard issue switch with the Function 2 Keyboard and the one you'll become immediately familiar with.  Featuring a 40g linear actuation force, this is a well balanced switch for all uses whether it be gaming or typing.
  • Swift Yellow - The lighter of the three Swift switches included with the Function 2 keyboard, these feature a 35g linear actuation force which makes these keys ideal for any keys that require a quick, swift reaction at a light touch.  These are best used for your movement or action keys such as WASD, QWER, or your Number row.
  • Swift Red - The heavier of the three switches included with the Function 2 keyboard, these feature a 45g linear actuation force which makes these keys ideal for buttons that you want to press with intent.  These are best used for larger keys like your Spacebar or modifiers that you want to press with intent such as Shift, Ctrl, or Alt.

Can I purchase additional Swift switches?

At this time we do not have additional Swift switches available as a standalone product, however we are always looking to expand our offerings.  Keep an eye out for any updates!

Can I use other switches, such as Gateron, LK, or Kailh?

When picking other switches, as noted above you'll want to confirm that the Optical Switch you use includes an infrared path through the stem of the switch.  Certain optical switches such as the LK series from Keychron use a different infrared path and will not be physically compatible with the Function 2 series keyboard.  The most compatible switch type outside of the NZXT Swift switches will be Gateron's KS series.

Do you have any questions not covered by this guide or need further assistance?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and one of our friendly support agents will be there to assist you.

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