NZXT H6 Series FAQ

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Can I control the fans on the NZXT H6 Series using NZXT CAM?

The H6 Flow and H6 Flow RGB do not include a CAM powered RGB Controller or Fan Controller out of the box. Due to this, neither the H6 Flow or H6 Flow RGB will appear as a device within CAM.

If you would like to add fan or RGB control to the H6 Flow RGB, you can add an NZXT RGB & Fan Controller and connect the fans Lighting and Fan connections directly to the controller.

Is an NZXT RGB Controller required for RGB Control? Can I connect the RGB in the H6 Flow RGB directly to my motherboard?

By default, the H6 Flow RGB case will include a pre-installed 3-pin 5V Addressable RGB adapter. This will allow you to connect the included F120 RGB Core fans to the motherboard directly via a 3-pin 5V ARGB header for control through the motherboard's software.

Please be careful to only plug this adapter into a 3-pin 5V ARGB header. Connecting this cable or the fans to a 12V RGB header will destroy the RGB circuit on the fan.

Can I mount a radiator to the bottom or front-right side of the H6 Series?

Due to size limitations in these areas, the H6 Series cannot fit a radiator at the bottom or front-right side of the case without modification.

What size fans or radiators are supported by the H6 Series?

  Fan Radiator

Up to Three (3) 120 mm fans


Up to Three (3) 120 mm fans
Up to Two (2) 140 mm fans

120, 240, or 360 mm
140 or 280 mm

Rear One (1) 120 mm fan 120 mm
Bottom Up to Two (2) 140 mm fans No


What is the best way to mount fans in the H6 Series for airflow?

Through our internal testing, the best airflow patterns we've found would be as follows:

Tower Air Cooler Configuration


Three (3) 120 mm fans, intake



Rear One 120mm fan, exhaust
Bottom Two (2) 140 mm fans, intake

Additional top fans may result in reduced airflow to tower air coolers, resulting in higher overall CPU temperatures.

Testing was done using the NZXT T120 tower air cooler.  Air cooler testing was performed with CPU TDP limited to 150W to prevent thermal throttling.

AIO Liquid Cooler Configuration

  Fans + Radiators

Three (3) 120 mm fans, intake


360mm AIO Liquid Cooler + Three (3) 120 mm fans, exhaust

Fans installed in a Push orientation

Rear One 120mm fan, exhaust
Bottom Two (2) 140 mm fans, intake

Testing was done using the NZXT Kraken X73 liquid cooler.  CPU TDP was set to 240W to allow for higher performance.

All above testing was done using the Intel Core i9 12900K and an NVidia RTX 3090 GPU.  Please see notes below each chart for cooler selection and CPU TDP.

Can the front glass on the H6 Series be removed?


The front glass on the H6 Series can be easily removed from the case by first removing the four (4) screws along the top of the top of the panel, as well as one screw at the bottom of the panel on the inside of the case. Once these screws are undone, the front glass should easily slide out of the case.

Is the tempered glass on the H6 Series compatible with any other NZXT case?

The tempered glass panels on the H6 Series cases are only compatible within the H6 Series and will not be compatible with any other NZXT cases.

Is there a non-tinted glass version for the H6 Series in Black?

All H6 Series cases in Black will include the dark tinted glass with a black border by default, with all H6 Series cases in White coming including a clear panel with a white border.  NZXT does not currently offer an H6 Series tempered glass panel with a clear panel and a black border.

Is there a gap where the front panel and left side panel meet?

Like with the H9, the H6 will feature a small air gap between the front and left side panels but you may find it less noticeable when compared to the H9 as the panels do not meet at a 45 degree angle.

What is the largest GPU size that will fit in the H6 Series?  Can I use an RTX 4090?

This will be entirely dependent on the card you are looking to use, however the H6 Flow features a large main chamber that will support GPUs up to 365 mm (14.37) inches in length. This means that the case should be able to support some of the largest RTX 4090 cards on the market which reach up to 360 mm in length.

Is the H6 Series compatible with the NZXT Vertical GPU Mounting Kit? Can I vertical mount a GPU in the H6 Series?

The H6 Series is fully compatible with the NZXT Vertical GPU Mounting Kit.  Please keep in mind however that based on the type of fans used on the bottom of the case, there is a small chance that the mounting foot on the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit can collide with the fan blades.  If the mounting foot comes into contact with the fan blades, please adjust the foot accordingly.

Does the H6 Series come with the H Series Breakout Cable?

The NZXT H6 Series cases will not come with the H Series Breakout Cable for the F_PANEL connector.

Due to most motherboards now shipping either with the unified F_PANEL connector or a compatible equivalent, this breakout cable is no longer necessary for most motherboards.  If you have an older motherboard or are uncertain if your motherboard is compatible, please reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance.

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