NZXT Internal USB Hub FAQ

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General Questions

Can I have multiple Internal USB Hubs in my system?

Yes!  You should be able to install as many Internal USB Hubs as you have Internal USB 2.0 headers on your motherboard without issue.  Please note, it is not recommended to connect an Internal USB Hub or any other splitter into another Internal USB Hub or vice-versa, as this can result in undesired performance issues or become an electrical hazard.  NZXT Internal USB Hubs should only be plugged directly to a USB 2.0 Internal Header.

Can I use a sleeved cable or cable extension with the Internal USB Hub?

Yes!  We actually see this quite a bit with custom PC builds where users want to have the cleanest cable routing or use sleeved cables to create a certain case aesthetic.  Please note however, any issues caused by using sleeved cables or cable extensions with the Internal USB Hub are not covered under the device's warranty.

Is there a bandwidth limit for the Internal USB Hub?

Because the Internal USB Hub must connect to an available USB 2.0 header on your motherboard, it will be limited by the total bandwidth of the port it is connected to.  Based on the USB 2.0 spec, this means that the Internal USB Hub will be limited to a total bandwidth of 480 Mbps (Megabits/second) for the entire hub.

NZXT Internal USB Hub (Gen 3)

Do I need to use the SATA power extension included with the Internal USB Hub (Gen 3)?

No, this extension cable is strictly optional and is provided for those who may need a little extra length to safely mount the hub.  Please note though, a SATA power cable must be securely connected to the SATA power connector on the Internal USB Hub (Gen 3) for the device to work.

NZXT Internal USB 2.0 Expansion (V2) Questions

Can I use a SATA to Molex power adapter with the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion?

Generally it should be safe to use a SATA to Molex power adapter with the older Internal USB 2.0 Expansion.  If you are looking to get an Internal USB Hub with native SATA support however, we would recommend the updated Internal USB Hub (Gen 3).

Can I use the USB Type-A port on the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion to charge devices?

The USB Type-A port on the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion will work like any other powered USB 2.0 header and can be used to charge devices, however please note that the hub will be limited by the power requirements of the USB 2.0 specification of 5V at 500 mA or 2.5 watts.

Can I use the USB Type-A port on the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion for a wireless keyboard, mouse, headset or other dongle?

You can use the Type-A port on the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion to connect a wireless dongle for various devices, however having the dongle within your PC may result in degraded signal which can limit the distance you can be from the dongle itself.

What are some recommended uses for the USB Type-A port on the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion?

The USB Type-A ports on the Internal USB 2.0 Expansion can be useful for quite a few purposes, from attaching simple RGB controllers or other USB related devices when modifying a case to your liking to even keeping holding a USB Flash Drive with bootable utilities or a a reinstall disk for your operating system.

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