Kraken M22 FAQ

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My Kraken M22 only shows up in the Lighting tab and not in the Cooling tab of the NZXT CAM software, is this normal?  Can I control the Pump through NZXT CAM?

This behavior is actually normal for the Kraken M22 as the only CAM powered part of the M22 will be the RGB Infinity Mirror.  For cooling related controls such as the Pump and Fan Speed, these will be handled entirely by the motherboard BIOS.

Is the Kraken M22 compatible with the Kraken G12?

Unlike the Kraken X and Z series as well as the Kraken 240/280/360 and Kraken Elite coolers, the M22 uses a non-Asetek based mounting system.  Because of this, the M22 cooler will not be compatible with the Kraken G12.

Is an RGB Controller required for the Kraken M22?

An RGB controller is not necessary for the Kraken M22 to function, as the Kraken M22 will connect directly to an Internal USB 2.0 header on the motherboard and be controlled independently through NZXT CAM.

Can I use a different fan with the Kraken M22?

Yes!  You can use any 120mm PC fan in combination with the M22 so long as it fits within your case.  We would note however that it would be best to use a fan with high static pressure with few air gaps such as the NZXT Aer P 120mm or F120 Core fans.

Does the Kraken M22 need to be refilled, and how often should I refill it?

The Kraken M22 is a closed loop cooler which means that there is no draining or refilling required.  Because of this, it is not possible to refill the Kraken without disassembly.  Please note that disassembling the Kraken is not covered under warranty and our customer support team will not be able to provide assistance on Krakens that have been disassembled.

Is the NZXT CAM software required for the Kraken M22?

The NZXT CAM software is only necessary for controlling the RGB Infinity Mirror on the Kraken M22.  If you do not have the NZXT CAM software running, the pump will stay in a default mode where all LEDs will be locked to White.

Can the pump in the Kraken M22 be replaced?

Because the Kraken M22 is a closed loop cooler, it is not possible to replace the pump without disassembling the cooler.  NZXT does not recommend disassembling the Kraken M22 as this can result in damage to the unit and instead recommends if your Kraken M22 is having any issues involving the pump to contact our Customer Support team for further assistance while within warranty.


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