Daisy Chaining NZXT RGB Accessories

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All of our NZXT RGB Accessories can be daisy-chained with each other to improve the cable management of your build. This is made possible through connection cables that go between many different NZXTproducts. In this article, we’ll detail the steps and restrictions for daisy-chaining multiple different types of NZXT RGB Accessories.


  • Gen 1 products do not have the ability to daisy chain different types of RGB devices on the same channel. Gen 2 devices do have this functionality using a Gen 2 controller.
  • All of our RGB controllers, regardless of generation, have a limit of 40 LEDs per channel.
  • Some mixed devices may have uneven amounts of integrated LEDs, which can cause certain combinations to go over this 40 LEDs limit.
  • Any LEDs over 40 will be recognized in CAM but will not be able to be powered.


Keep in mind that all RGB accessories will include a cable that will allow you to connect the device to an NZXT RGB Controller. Here are examples of these cables.

Lighting Strip Connection Cable


AER RGB Fan Connection Cable

RGB Underglow Connection Cable (integrated with the first underglow LED strip)

RGB Cable Comb Connection Cable (integrated with Cable Combs)

Daisy-chaining AER RGB fans with other AER RGB fans:

Keep in mind that like previously mentioned there is a connection cable that will go from your controller to your RGB accessory. The larger end of this cable will go to your RGB controller and the smaller end will go to the “IN” port on the fan.


Connecting additional fans is just as simple as well with the included fan to fan cable (pictured below).

Connecting fans with this cable is easy, the larger end of the cable with the clip on it will connect to the “OUT” port on the fan and the smaller end will connect to the next fan in the chain in its “IN” port.

Daisy-chaining AER RGB fans with other RGB accessories:

If you are looking to add Cable Combs or the Underglow, keep in mind that these devices will be the end of the daisy chain connected to the fans. These devices cannot be connected before any AER RGB fans. This is due to these two accessories not having additional connectors that would continue a daisy chain. For our Underglow accessory, these can be connected directly to the “OUT'' port on your fan. When adding LED strips and cable comb, you would use the included adapter cable (pictured below).

Daisy-chaining LED strips to other RGB fans:

If you are looking to add an RGB fan to the end of a daisy chain, the LED strip connection cable included with our twin/triple starter packs can be used in order to add a fan to the end of an RGB LED strip daisy chain. (Pictured below)

Keep in mind the number of devices that will function in a daisy chain depends on the total number of LEDs in the chain. If you surpass the limit of 40 LEDs then all additional LEDs will not power on. Here are the number of LEDs per accessory:

  • AER RGB Fans: 8 LEDs per fan
  • 300mm RGB LED Strip: 10 LEDs per strip
  • 250mm RGB LED Strip: 8 LEDs per strip
  • 200mm RGB LED Strip: 6 LEDs per strip
  • RGB Cable Combs: 18 LEDs per kit
  • RGB Underglow: 30 LEDs per kit

If you have any questions or are having issues with setting up your NZXT RGB products, please contact our customer support for assistance.

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