Troubleshooting the NZXT Internal USB Hub

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If your USB devices don't show up when connected to the Internal USB Hub this can easily and quickly be diagnosed in a matter of a few minutes. Firstly, you would need to verify if the Hub is receiving power, this is indicated by the white LED shown in the photo below.


If this LED is not illuminated with your system on, this would indicate the hub is not receiving power. If this is the case, try switching the SATA power connector to the hub with a different connector you know is working. If this causes the LED on the hub to light up when powering the PC back on, this would indicate the cable was bad. If the hub is still not powering up on a known working connector, contact our support team for a replacement.

If the LED is on, but your USB devices are not recognized still, this could be a problem with the USB cable from the hub to the motherboard. If your motherboard has a secondary USB2 header, try switching the USB cable to that header, or if you have only one header try reconnecting the USB cable on the controller and motherboard. If your USB devices are still not recognized in Windows, this would be the time to directly connect your USB devices to your motherboard.

When devices are still not recognized when directly connected to your motherboard, this would indicate a defect with your USB port. If your devices are recognized though, please contact our support team for a replacement.

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