RGB & Fan Controller FAQ

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Does the RGB & Fan Controller support non-NZXT RGB devices?

Our controller uses our proprietary RGB connectors, so third party non-NZXT RGB devices will be unable to connect to the controller.

Can I use any PWM fan with the RGB & Fan Controller?

This controller supports most PWM fans, industrial fans with different power requirements for initial power-up may not be supported. Most standard PWM case fans should work.

Does the RGB & Fan Controller support older NZXT RGB devices?
Yes, it does, keep in mind that you cannot mix RGB devices from different generations on the same channel.

Can I use more than three fans on a channel with a 3rd party fan splitter?

While the controller supports up to 10w per channel, it's 10w or three fans as the physical limits of the controller per channel. 

Can multiple RGB & Fan Controllers be connected to the same PC?

There are no incompatibilities between multiple of our RGB controllers being used at the same time, this also goes for any other NZXT devices.

Is there a fan profile for adjusting fan speed based on liquid temp in from an NZXT cooler?

This feature is only available on NZXT coolers with integrated fan control such as our Z-series.

Can I control custom loop pumps with the RGB & Fan Controller?
It is only recommended that fans be connected directly to the controller, liquid pumps should be connected to the motherboard.

Do I need CAM for the RGB & Fan Controller to work? 

Yes, our NZXT CAM software is required for this product to operate and be controllable.


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