NZXT Lift Series Mouse FAQs

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What material is the Lift mouse cable made from?

The NZXT Lift mouse's USB cable is made of a flexible, low drag paracord design to minimize impact while gaming.

What sensor does the Lift mouse use for tracking?

The Lift mouse uses a high-speed PixArt 3389 Optical Sensor.  This sensor offers high-speed tracking with a 16K resolution to give gamers the edge for both quick and precise mouse movements.

What type of switches does the Lift mouse use?

The Lift mouse uses durable Omron mechanical switches on all buttons, each rated for a lifespan of 20 million+ clicks.

Does the Lift mouse have RGB lighting?

Powered by our NZXT CAM software, the Lift mouse features subtle RGB underglow accents that can be adjusted to match your gaming setup.

How much does the Lift mouse weigh?

The lightweight Lift mouse comes in at a light 67g, reducing wrist fatigue during use and allowing for quick yet accurate movement.

Is the Lift mouse compatible with Mac OS or Linux?

The Lift mouse will be detected by any operating system as a standard PC mouse, however additional functionality such as profiles, macros, changing keybinds, or adjusting RGB will require use of the NZXT CAM software which is only available for Microsoft Windows 10 and newer.

Is the NZXT CAM software required for the Lift mouse?

The NZXT CAM software is not required for normal use of the Lift mouse, however certain features such as switchable profiles, macros, changing keybinds, or adjusting RGB will not be available outside of the NZXT CAM software.


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