What All-in-One Liquid Coolers are Compatible with the Kraken G12?

This is a list of All-in-One Liquid coolers that are compatible with the Kraken G12

Kraken X62, X52, X42, X61, X41, X31, X60, X40
H105, H110, H90, H75, H55, H50 (CW-906006-WW only)
Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360, 280, 240, Red 280, 140, 
Water 3.0 Ultimate, Extreme S, Extreme, Pro, Performer
Water 2.0 Extreme, Pro, Performer
KUHLER H2O 920V4, 620V4, 920, 620
LQ-320, LQ-315, LQ-310

Some coolers not listed here may be compatible with the Kraken G12. If it is a circular designed Asetek cooler with the same locking mechanism as other Asetek AIO coolers, it may be compatible with our Kraken G12. This carries no guarantee so please use your best judgment on what AIO coolers you would use with the Kraken G12.

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