NZXT Lift Frequently Asked Questions

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What material is the mouse cable made of?

The Lift mouse USB cable is made of a low drag paracord designed to not interfere with your gameplay sessions.


What sensor does the Lift mouse use for tracking?

The Lift mouse uses a High-Speed PixArt 3389 optical sensor, this offers high-speed tracking with a 16k resolution to give you the ultimate advantage in-game.


What type of switch does the Lift mouse use?

Our Lift mouse uses Omron mechanical switches on all buttons that can stand up to wear with a 20-million plus click lifespan.


Does the Lift mouse have RGB Lighting?

Powered by our CAM software, the Lift mouse features RGB underglow accents you can tweak to match your gaming setup.


How much does the Lift Mouse weigh?

The lift mouse weighs only 67g so you can get that extra edge on your opponents while gaming!


What operating system is compatible with the Lift Mouse?

The Lift Mouse does work on any conventional operating system such as Windows, Mac, and some Linux Distros. CAM is only designed for Windows, so RGB functionality is limited to that operating system.


Do I need CAM to use the NZXT Lift?

No, CAM is not required for the mouse to work, but you will be missing out on features such as the customizable RGB, profile switching, and macro functionalities that CAM offers.

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