Canvas Troubleshooting FAQ

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Canvas Power LED is not turning ON

1. Check if the adapter or power cord is correctly and firmly connected or out.

2. If the screen is working without a power LED on, check MENU ---> Other Setting ---> LED, and make sure it is turned to ON.

The power LED light is on but there is no screen image

1. Check if the operating system had entered sleep or power-save mode. Press the joystick or move the mouse to wake it up.

2. Check if the signal cable (HDMI/DisplayPort/Type-C) is well connected, and confirm another end of the output cable has been firmly connected to the computer input port (graphics card). Unplug and plug 2-terminals again to ensure all pins aren't bent.

3. Replace the signal cable (HDMI/DisplayPort/Type-C) to take a cross-test

4. Check MENU ---> Input Source, and switch to the correct source.

5. Connect the monitor to the other computers (PC/Notebook) to confirm whether it is normal

6. Reset the monitor, MENU ---> Other Setting à Reset All.

The screen image is too light or dark

1. Check and set MENU ---> Image ---> Brightness, the larger value means lighter.

Screen image bounces or a wave pattern is present in the image

1. Check and set MENU ---> Image ---> Sharpness.

2. Check MENU ---> Image ---> Response time and switch Normal/Fast/Fastest mode.

3. Check MENU ---> Image ---> MPRT and switch OFF/ON.

4. Check MENU ---> Other Settings ---> FreeSync Premium and switch OFF/ON and check if the abnormal display disappeared.

The screen image has color defects (white does not look white)

1. Check MENU ---> Image ---> Color Temperature and switch Cool/Normal/Warm.

2. Check and set Color Temperature ---> Customization ---> R/G/B.

3. If it still does not looks “white” enough, reset the monitor, MENU ---> Other Setting ---> Reset All, and try the above actions again.

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