What makes the new H7 series awesome?

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About the New H7 Series

The new H7 series of mid-tower ATX cases offer many advantages and changes over the previous generation, the H710/H710i. We've further streamlined the build experience of the H7 series with an even more understated and stylish design. While making these changes we decided to improve the airflow of the H7 series cases as well, enabling even cooler temperatures.




Thermally Efficient

A cooler gaming rig (literally) is always a welcome sight among PC enthusiasts. We improved the top panel to allow for more airflow with perforations. This perforated panel provides improved ventilation as warm air flows out of the top of the case more easily. In addition to this, the H7 supports up to a 360mm radiator mounted to the top and front of the case. To top it all off, we offer our H7 Flow, which provides our most optimized thermal performance yet, with a perforated front panel in addition to the standard perforated top panel




Simplified Design

We have further streamlined the build process of our H7 series of cases, upgrading the cable management system with wider cable channels. This, paired with our new cable routing hooks, makes managing your cables easy. In addition to this, our H7 series cases feature a spacious chassis that leaves room for some of the most ambitious builds you can think of!




Modern Design

The H7 and H7 Flow come in three color options, and the H7 Elite comes in two. Each one fits in seamlessly with any aesthetic. Both options are combined with a tempered glass side panel that complements the chassis color.

> Black & white case with clear glass
> All-black case with tinted glass
> All-white case with clear glass




NZXT CAM Powered

For the H7 Elite, we included The NZXT RGB & Fan Controller V2, which allows you to personalize RGB lighting and control fans with NZXT CAM. Mix and match any NZXT RGB lighting accessories and sync them across multiple channels.


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