Vertical GPU Mounting Kit and PCIe Riser Frequently Asked Questions

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Howdy! You’re probably here because you have some questions about the H7. you’re in the right place! Here are some common questions and answers regarding the H7 and the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit:


Can I use the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit with any new H7 case?

Our Vertical GPU Mount is compatible with the H7, H7 Flow, and H7 Elite cases.


Is the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit compatible with other cases?

This kit may be compatible with other cases but we have not tested the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit with 3rd party cases. The Vertical GPU Mounting Kit requires the case to have 7 open PCIe slots for mounting.


What generation is the PCIe cable?

Our Riser cable is Gen 4 PCIe and is backward compatible with previous-gen PCIe slots.


How large of a GPU can I use with the Vertical Mount?

GPUs no wider than 3 slots can be used with the Vertical GPU Mount. This mounting kit does

not have any limitations in length.

Hope this helped! If you have any other, more specific questions, talk to us here.

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