F-Series RGB Fans Frequently Asked Questions

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F-Series fans have a lot of customization options, and we're here to help! This article will
answer some questions you might have in regards to this new product.


What has NZXT improved with the F-Series of RGB fans?

Our main lineup of RGB fans are better than ever with improvements to static pressure,
noise, and RPM speed. We have made the following changes to the F-Series RGB Fans:

  • Higher Static Pressure
  • Lower Noise (dBA)
  • Higher RPM

With these changes, your system will run quieter without sacrificing the cooling of your internal
components. In addition, with a higher RPM, you are able to better monitor the performance of
your fans.


Does NZXT offer a double pack/triple back for the F-Series of fans?

Yes, we do! Our double/triple packs also include our RGB Lighting controller, making these
packs the ideal choice for anyone looking to get their first NZXT RGB fans.


What are the specifications of these fans?

Below you can find all specifications on our F120/F140 RGB Fans



 What is the MSRP of the F120 and F140 fans?

These fans have the following MSRP at this time (subject to change):

  • F120 (Single Fan): $24.99 USD
  • F120 (Triple Pack): $89.99 USD
  • F140 (Single Fan): $26.99 USD
  • F140 (Double Pack): $69.99 USD


Will the F-Series of RGB fans be offered in other colors?

At this time are offering the F120 RGB, F140 RGB, and any fan packs with either black or
white fans.


Can I use the F-Series of fans with a liquid cooler?

Yes, you can! With the improvements made to static pressure made in these new fans, you will
be able to cool your radiator more effectively and quietly.

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