Extended Warranty for BLD PCs

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What is an Extended Warranty? Who handles my warranty claim?

An extended warranty extends your pre-existing warranty after our manufacturer's warranty has expired. After our two-year limited warranty ends, you can still receive in-warranty services and repairs for your PC. This extended warranty is covered by Extend and can add up to 4 years to your PC warranty.


How does this extended warranty differ from the standard limited warranty?

Extend protects from mechanical/electrical issues, normal wear/tear, and failures caused by a power surge after your manufacturer warranty has expired. 


What is covered under this extended warranty?

This extended warranty protects your PC from defects and breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear. However, this warranty does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by abuse/misuse.


Are there any limitations to our extended warranty?

For repairs to a system, you can continue to get a device repaired until the repair costs have exceeded the product's retail price. For complete product replacements, you can only have your system replaced once.

For more information on the limitations of the Extend Warranty, please take a look here.


When can I purchase the extended warranty?

This extended warranty via Extend can currently only be purchased at checkout for prebuild and custom systems. At this time, only customers who have purchased a prebuild system and are within their 2-year warranty may contact customer support to purchase this extended warranty after checkout.


Do I need to pay a deductible for any repairs/replacements?

This is common with extended warranty services, Extend does not charge a deductible for any in-warranty repairs.


Will my product be repaired or replaced?

This will depend on the issue you are experiencing with your PC and the judgment of our RMA team.


How do I make a claim for a defective product?
Please have your contract ID or email address handy in order to file a claim through the Extend Customer Claims Portal or by contacting Extend's Customer Care Team at 877-248-7707.


Can I cancel my extended warranty purchase?

Yes, you may request to cancel this plan for any reason within the first sixty (60) days of the purchase date if no claim has been filed under your plan by contacting our Customer Support line here.


Where is my contract ID?

An email will be sent by Extend after purchasing a protection plan that details.

  • Contract ID
  • Warranty
  • Term Length
  • Coverage Dates
  • Product Name

If this email is not received, Please contact the NZXT Customer service team.

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