NZXT Function Keyboard Frequently Asked Questions

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With the release of our keyboards that are customizable via NZXT CAM, there are a bunch of features that you might have questions about. Let’s try and answer those questions! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for assistance if you have a question that is not answered here.


Does the NZXT Function Keyboard support macros?

To answer this question, first, we need to explain what a macro is. A macro is a programmable set of inputs that you can create that performs multiple actions with the click of a button. 

In gaming, the benefit of a macro is that you can create a set of actions that could allow you to perform a particular task that you might find tedious. One keystroke can input several actions at once. If you get crafty, those can be mighty helpful.

So, tl;dr, NZXT CAM software combined with a Function keyboard allows you to set macros. Want a deep dive on how to make macros? Check that out here.


Does the Function Keyboard support key remapping?

Yes, the Function Keyboard supports key remapping. You can change the primary and function inputs. Learn how to remap your keys here.


Is the lighting of the Function Keyboard fully controllable?

Via NZXT CAM, it is! We offer different RGB lighting modes to customize the vibe. Without NZXT CAM, there is limited RGB functionality present—we highly recommend using our software to get the most customizability out of your Function Keyboard. All RGB modes and features are outlined in this article here.


Can I remove the keycaps and switches on the Function Keyboard?

Yes, you can! Our Function keyboards allow customers to swap out switches as they see fit. Our Function keyboards use a hot-swappable board that allows any customer to easily remove a mechanical switch with the provided tool. You can find the process for removing a keycap or key switch in this article here.


What key switches come with the Function Keyboard?

The Function keyboard includes Gateron Red Linear Key switches. Gateron Switches do not need a lot of force to actuate and provide fast in-game inputs. We love ‘em!

What types of key switches will mount to the Function Keyboard?

The Function Keyboard has a 5-pin PCB mounted design but supports both 3-pin and 5-pin key switches.


What colors does the Function Keyboard come in?

The Function keyboard currently comes in black or white with black keycaps. We currently do not plan to offer other color options for the Function keyboard.


What sizes are the Function Keyboard offered in? What size Function Keyboard is right for me?

The Function Keyboard comes in three different sizes:

  • Full-Sized (104 keys English ANSI & 105 keys for UK English, French, German ISO)
  • Tenkeyless (87 English ANSI & 88 keys for UK English, French, German ISO)
  • MiniTKL (88 English ANSI & 89 keys for UK English, French, and German ISO)

Which is the right one for you?

This depends on your personal preferences and desktop setup. If you have ample desk space and need a number pad, the full-sized keyboard is the right way to go. If you are tighter on desk space, then the Tenkeyless or the MiniTKL are great choices. Most customers will prefer the Tenkeyless as it uses a familiar layout to a full-sized keyboard, sans the number pad. The MiniTKL is perfect for anyone who wants the smallest keyboard we offer.


Does the Function Keyboard come in other layouts?

The Function Keyboard in the US is offered in the US English (ANSI) layout. For international customers, we will offer the Function Keyboard in UK English (ISO), French (ISO), and German (ISO.)


Is there a wrist rest for the MiniTKL?

No. Only the full-sized/tenkeyless Function Keyboards will include a wrist rest.


Does the MiniTKL require different keycaps?

Due to the different and compact layout of the MiniTKL, 3rd party keycaps might not have the proper shape and sculpt. These might be hard to find, but these keys will need a different sculpt for their row. 

  • F13 Key (Row 4)
  • End Key (Row 3)
  • Page Up Key (Row 2)
  • Macro/NZXT Key (Row 2)

The Space row uses standard sizing for all keys, so you do not have to worry about getting special keycap modifier sets.


What is the polling rate of the Function Keyboard?

The NZXT Function has a polling rate of 1ms, which is lightning fast. Zoom!


Does the Function Keyboard have onboard profiles?

Yes! The function supports onboard profiles. This allows you to save macros, lighting effects, and key remapping to your keyboard for use on other computers with or without NZXT CAM software.


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