What information does NZXT CAM send back to NZXT? Why does CAM have no “offline option”?

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NZXT CAM can operate while fully offline and does not require an internet connection when run in "Guest Mode". However, NZXT CAM does use an internet connection for the following: 

  • Checking for, downloading, and installing updates
  • Logging in, and backing up user settings to the cloud so they can be recovered in the event of local data loss
  • Allowing users to submit tickets and access our online help portal.

NZXT CAM sends the following information to NZXT when logged in to an account or in guest mode.

  • Anonymized usage data, which NZXT uses to make improvements to NZXT CAM
  • Anonymized performance data, which NZXT uses to make performance estimates around game performance on different systems.

All functions except for the auto-updating of the CAM software can be disabled in the General tab under "Privacy".

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