Games Incompatible with Alder Lake CPUs

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With the new Alder Lake CPUs from Intel (12th Gen), issues with compatibility with some games. This issue has been triggered by many games, with DRM mistakenly identifying some of the cores of your processor as a separate system.  DRM (or digital rights management) is included with many games to protect the developers from video game piracy.

When a game's DRM identifies those additional cores as a separate computer, it does not allow you to play the game as there is only one license assigned to your one PC, not two PCs sharing the same license. Below is a list of games affected by this issue on Windows 10 or 11 confirmed by Microsoft.


Below is a list of games affected by this issue that Microsoft can resolve if your PC is upgraded to Windows 11.


Please keep in mind that Microsoft is slowly rolling out the Windows 11 upgrade for all users. Therefore, upgrading to Windows 11 may not be immediately available to all users.

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