Level 9A: Installing the AIO Cooler Part 2

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Continued From Level 4A:

You have arrived at a crossroads. Before continuing on through the next steps, check the packaging labels to see whether you have an AIO cooler (marked E) or an air cooler (marked F). If you have an AIO cooler, continue reading. If you have an air cooler, skip this level and continue to Level 9B.


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A. Remove the Thumb Nuts and Washers

To resume installing the AIO cooler, remove the thumb nuts and washers that you installed earlier onto the spacers around your CPU. Place them in a safe location for when we reinstall them on step C.



B. Install the Water Block

Example above is of an AMD installation.

Try not to touch the thermal paste on the underside of the cooler. Place the pump with the retention bracket onto the CPU. Make sure the USB port is facing the top, and the two pump tubes are on the right side of the pump. Ensure the standoffs go through the holes on the bracket.



C. Secure the Water Block

This example shows how the AIO installation would look for an AMD® CPU, from the left side of the board.

Secure the water block by screwing in the plastic washers and the thumb nuts with springs (that we removed earlier in step A) onto the standoff screws.



D1. Fan blades pointed outwards, no guard showing.

D2. Fan blades pointed inwards, “X” shaped guard showing.



E. Attach the Fan to the Radiator

Install the fan(s) onto the radiator first using the 30mm (long) fan screws that came in the AIO packaging.



F. Align the Fan

Slide the fan into place on the rear case exhaust, with the pump tubes oriented at the top.



G. Mount the Radiator

Important: We advise orienting the pump tube at the top.

Using the 5mm case screws that came with the AIO, mount the fan and radiator to the rear exhaust of the case.



H. Connect the Power Cable Set

This cable will be found attached to the radiator.

Connect the 3-pin pump power cable to the 4-pin CPU_OPT, PUMP or AIO_PUMP connectors on the motherboard.

*Location of ports may vary by board.



I. Connect the Fan Cables

Connect the 4-pin power cable of the fan to the 4-pin CPU_FAN connector on the motherboard.

*Location of ports may vary by board.



J. Connect the USB Cable

Connect the Micro-USB cable from the pump to an available USB 2.0 internal connector on the motherboard (often labeled as JUSB2, USB_1_2, USB or F_USB2).

*Location of ports may vary by board.




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