Amazon's New World Issue Notice

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Upon the release of Amazon's New World, a previously existing issue with the game has appeared once again which may cause the bricking of a GPU. Per information readily available online, it has come to light that this issue may be prevented by setting an FPS cap, which would limit your maximum FPS (Frames per Second).

First, let's go to your Windows search bar and search for %appdata%




Next up, navigate to a folder titled AGS and then to New World.

Then open a file titled "user_preload_settings.cfg" with your text editing programs such as notepad or notepad++

Then search for "m_maxFPS"value=". The value will likely be 90, change this value to 60. Then save your changes.

If the config file is empty or does not have this option, look for a folder titled Savedata and find the "usersettings.javsave" as these should have those values. You made need to right-click this file and select "Open with" in order to open this file with Notepad.

If at any point you encounter an issue with your graphics card while playing New World, NZXT is here for you, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

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