What are the types of RMAs that NZXT offers?

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An RMA (or a Return Merchandise Authorization) is the process in which a product that needs to be replaced, repaired, or refunded is authorized for return to NZXT. In order for you to obtain said authorization from NZXT, troubleshooting, warranty verification, and packing precautions must be observed.

RMA Exchange

An RMA exchange is when a defective or damaged product is returned to NZXT for replacement under the warranty. For all RMA exchanges, NZXT will provide new or certified refurbished replacements of the same or comparable model. 

For NZXT Gaming PCs, we can only offer an RMA exchange for small components including but not limited to, GPU, RAM, SSDs, HDDs, or cooling devices.

Note: NZXT is unable to repair individual components such as Krakens and RGB controllers. Full exchanges are supplied under the warranty terms.

RMA Repair

An RMA repair is when a qualifying product such as a gaming PC is sent to our RMA center. When a product is sent to our RMA center, it is diagnosed for repair by our trained specialists. They will identify the root cause of an issue with your system and replace any components that are associated with the reported issue. After being repaired, all systems are tested for functionality and reliability.

We do not typically make physical repairs on individual components, instead, for any gaming PC, we would replace it with an available new or refurbished component of equal, comparable, or better performance.

Advanced RMA

An advanced RMA is a replacement of a product or part prior to NZXT receiving the original defective item. In order for NZXT to provide a replacement in advance, NZXT will require a deposit via PayPal equal to the value of the product. 

For customers with an NZXT Gaming PC, Prebuilt or Custom Built, we are only able to do an advanced replacement for components such as the GPU, RAM, storage devices, or cooling devices. In the event that your entire system would need to be sent in for repair, we cannot offer an advanced replacement of your computer.

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