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What is a refurbished PC?

NZXT Refurbished PCs are systems that were previously returned by customers. NZXT is committed to quality, so when a customer returns their PC, we evaluate the system to make sure it meets our product standards. If it does, we list this back on our site and back it with our 2-year system warranty. Systems may have minor aesthetic defects.


What do refurbished PCs include?

All refurbished PCs will include the following:

  • The power cable
  • Wireless Antennas (if the system has Wi-Fi included)

As these are seldom kept by the prior customer, any product manuals and/or spare parts are not typically included.


Can I use Blitz mode with Refurbished PCs?

All refurbished PCs are already assembled, Blitz mode is designed to expedite the assembly process for our customers. This is not a service we will be able to provide for refurbished systems.


Why did my refurbished PC ship separately from my other purchases? Why did my refurbished PC ship at a different time from my other purchases?

NZXT has multiple facilities with separate departments and shipping centers. Due to this, different products may not ship together. This may result in different shipping times between products or portions of orders not being shipped at the same time.


Can I make changes to a refurbished PC prior to checkout?

As refurbished PCs are set systems similar to our Prebuilt PCs, we are unable to make changes to the components.

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