What Size Kraken Should I Get?

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The NZXT Kraken is offered in many sizes at this time, so we'd like to make this decision easier for you! There are many factors to consider but here are some suggestions we can make for you that can make this decision easy!


For Budget Builds

We recommend the 120mm Kraken RGB cooler for lower power processors or for customers who still would like improved performance over stock air coolers while getting our signature Kraken aesthetic. For customers who want improved performance while still saving money, our 240mm Kraken RGB cooler is a great option!

For Midrange Builds

For customers who are looking to do some overclocking or are just looking for overall solid performance on their processor, we recommend the Kraken RGB 280mm and Kraken RGB 360mm liquid coolers. These coolers will be able to handle every consumer-level processor with relative ease.

For Top-End Builds

For a lot of customers building their ultimate gaming rig, our Kraken RGB 280mm and Kraken RGB 360mm are great options! If you are looking to improve the look of your build even further, we recommend the Kraken Z 240mm, 280mm, or 360mm. The Kraken Z coolers include a customizable display. This display supports the playback of gifs and other animations which can really allow you to make your build perfect! On top of that, you can see important information on your PC such as system temperatures.

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