How To Request FedEx local Pickup

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Oftentimes, we hear from our customers that they will either not be available to sign for a
package, or do not want to take time off from work to be there and sign for it. We understand
this pain point, and we want to explain some of the convenient FedEx options for pick up, and
how to do so!

First, let’s go ahead and grab our FedEx Tracking number from your “package has shipped”
email. Once you have copied your FedEx tracking number, please go to your web browser and open
google. Once you open the google search page, place the tracking number in the search bar
and you should see “track a package” appear, and beneath that, “track via FedEx.”


Please click on “track via FedEx” which will bring you to your tracking information page. On this
page, you will see “FROM” and “TO” with both addresses listed. Under “TO”, you will see an
option that says “Manage Delivery.”

Once you select “Manage Delivery” a drop-down will appear with several options. For this
article, we are going to focus on having the package held for pickup. Please select “hold at
the location.” After selecting “hold at the location,” you will be given a map where you can enter your zip
code and find the closest FedEx or Walgreens pickup location.


Once you have chosen the location, it will take FedEx generally twenty-four hours for your
request to be processed and approved. It will then let you know via text or email when your
package is available for pickup, and how long you have to get it.

In order to pick up your package, you will have to have a valid photo ID and at least the age of

We find this is a great option for many customers who simply cannot be home to sign for a
package during their busy day. This is a fast, convenient, and easy way to make sure your
package is ready for pickup at the best time for you!

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