Why is my Kraken RGB not responding?

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If your Kraken M22, x2 series, or X3 series is not lighting up when your PC powers on?

please verify if the cooler is visible in our CAM software. If the product is not visible in CAM, this is a separate issue with recognition, the RGB will only turn on if Windows and CAM recognize a cooler when the PC starts up. Please refer to this guide linked below for issues with recognition like these:

My CAM-Powered Device Is Not Recognized


If your Kraken cooler is not lighting up at all, is showing different colors than what you input, or is not responding to any changes in CAM.

This may be caused by third-party software installed to your PC or a defect in the cooler. We can determine if any third-party software is interfering with CAM using an official application from Microsoft called “Process Explorer”. The link to this can be found here.

Once downloaded, you will need to extract the folder. To do this, right-click the ProcessExplorer.zip file, and press Extract Here. Then there will be two different Applications in the extracted folder, one is “procexp” and this is for 32bit systems. Then there is “procexp64” and this is for 64bit systems. Please verify what bit system you have and then run the appropriate applications for your specific PC.

Once started you will want to press the Ctrl+Shift+F keys on your keyboard, this will bring up the search window. In the search box, please enter \Device\000000 into the search field. Then press Search. In a few seconds, the search will pull up some matching items. You will know it’s complete when the Search button becomes pressable again.


Once the search is complete, make note of all RGB software that is listed here and any other software that may interact with USB devices on your PC. Any software listed may be starting up before CAM is able to get access to your Kraken cooler. To potentially resolve this issue, go to your "Startup Apps" in the Windows settings. Then disable the apps that came up in the previous search from starting up with windows. Then restart your PC. This may not resolve the problem immediately but your RGB may come back in a day.

My RGB hasn't started working again, what do I do?

If your RGB still isn't working properly, this may indicate a problem with the USB cable. Firstly, you'll need to move your Internal USB cable to a different header on your motherboard. Provided that your RGB works again, then the port on your motherboard is defective. Next up, we'll need to rule out the USB cable from your Kraken.

  • For Kraken M22, X42, X52, X62, and X72 coolers, please connect a Mini USB (Mini-B) to USB Type-A cable from your cooler to your rear I/O.
  • For X53, X63, and X73 cooler, please connect a Micro USB (Micro B) to USB Type-A cable from your cooler to the rear I/O.  

In the event RGB starts working again then that would indicate the Kraken USB cable is bad, please contact our customer service team for a replacement.

Assuming that the lighting does not return then the cooler may be defective. Please let our customer service team know if that's the case and we will help you get a replacement for your cooler provided you are in warranty. When submitting a ticket for this issue, please make sure to provide us with the following:

  • Proof of purchase from a valid reseller (receipt, invoice, or a screenshot of your order page. You can verify if the retailer you purchased from was valid on the Retailer Page Here.)
  • Current Shipping details address (in this format: Full Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State/Province, Country, and Postal Code.)
  • Serial Number (this is located on the radiator of the cooler.)
  • Phone Number 

If any of this information is missing when you submit a ticket, your potential RMA will be delayed until all the information requested above is provided.

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