How to obtain an RMA for your BLD Gaming PC

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NZXT aim's to make your RMA process as painless as possible.

While we use only highly-tested components from well-known brands in your BLD gaming PC, sometimes components fail. If that does ever happen to you, we're here to help!

First, reach out to the BLD support team at any of the following:

  • Submit a ticket through our Customer Support Portal. We will respond as soon as we can, usually within 1 business day.
  • Chat with us online at during our normal business hours.
  • Call us at 1-800-228-9395 during our normal business hours.

Next, we'll help you to troubleshoot the problem.

If our support team determines that your PC needs to be repaired, we will provide you with an RMA number and return instructions via email.

In some cases, we may determine that only a single component is at fault and may offer to issue an RMA for that part.  For these situations, we are only able to exchange smaller components such as your RAM, GPU, Storage, and Cooler.  If you have any questions or concerns while swapping the component, or require assistance you can reach out to our BLD support team through phone or live chat for assistance.

If the problem can't be diagnosed, requires service to a major component or multiple components, or is determined to be too complicated, then the support team will request that the system as a whole be sent in for diagnostic and repair.  In these situations, you will need to pack the system according to our packaging guidelines and ship the PC to our warehouse for service.

For our packaging guidelines, please check out our guide here:

Note: If you didn't save your original packaging, we can ship you a replacement for a fee--contact the BLD support team for details. 

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