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What size of a radiator can be supported in the Manta and where?

The Radiator support for the manta would be 280mms on the top and 280mms on the front. Also a push and pull configuration can be set up on the front with the 280mm set up. A 120mm radiator would also be able to fit on the back as well. 

Manta LEDs

The LEDs that come with the manta are white and this goes for all colors of the Manta series cases. Also, the LEDs provided are the PSU LEDs, rear i/o LEDs.

HDD and SSD Mounting

The manta is able to fit three 2.5 SSD’s and two 3.5 HDD drives.

CPU Heatsink Clearance

The Max clearance for the CPU Heatsink is 160 mm/inches 6.29921

Motherboard form factor support

The Manta supports only mini ITX form factors.

GPU Clearance

The Maximum size GPU that can fit in the Manta would be 14.29 inches/ 363 mm.

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