Noctis 450 FAQ

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Noctis 450 Fan Controller

The Noctis 450 Fan controller takes PWM control from the motherboard and changes it into voltage modulation. Along all of your regular voltage fans to be controlled by your motherboard/software.

What Is This Device On The Rear Of The Motherboard Tray?

This is the new and improved PWM fan hub for the masses. We have listened to you the consumers that wanted to control the standard fan hub that we have included with our previous cases.

So what you do is install the PWM cable to the CPU_FAN connector on your motherboard and plug in your Molex connector to your power supply. This will power the fan hub and allow your motherboard to control the speed of the fans (you can use the AI suite and others to control it as well). It does not offer each connector control at this time. You can also install your Kraken cooler to run off it as well.

Does the LED button offer different lighting elements?

Yes, it does. It offers 6 total modes.

  1. All off
  2. All on
  3. Rear I/O off. Under glow and NZXT logo on
  4. Dim under glow only and Full NZXT logo
  5. Under glow off and NZXT Logo on
  6. Dim NZXT logo   

Replacing the NZXT Logo

This is what you need to follow:

Remove your PSU from the case.

Here are the 3 screws you need to remove to access the LEDs on the front panel. Remove the NZXT logo panel from the front of the case and insert the new one the same way and re-screw it back to the case

Rear I/O Replacement LED Guide

This is a quick guide on how to replace the Rear I/O LEDs.

You should see something to this effect.


There are 3 metal tabs that are holding the wire in and the LED clip that

holds the LEDs in place. Most of the time the wire will slide out of the tabs

with a little effort, and the LED holder just need to move one tab for the

LEDs to come out.

How Do I Remove The Thumbscrews?

The screws are captive thumbscrews, designed not to be completely removed. 

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