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An Item Is Missing From My Shipment

We're sorry for the inconvenience of this error! If an item is missing from your order, please follow the below steps:

1) Make sure to check the original tracking information to see if this is a multi-piece shipment. If it is, there is tracking for each package as the packages may not arrive on the same day. Make sure that all packages have been delivered.

2) Thoroughly check the packing material as smaller items may be hidden.

3) If you are certain all packages in your shipment have arrived and are still missing an item from your order, contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance. In order for us to assist you quickly, please make sure to provide a photo of the packing slip included in the package along with the contents of the package.

How Do I Change Quantities/Cancel an Item in My Order?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be modified to add or remove products after the order has been placed. You will need to fully cancel the order and place a new order with the correct items and quantities.

To get an order canceled, reach out to our Customer Support Team for assistance.  

Why Am I Being Asked to Fill Out a Credit Card Authorization Form?

Your credit or debit card may have been declined during processing. This could be due to various reasons, such as an incorrect billing address or expiration date. Authorization is conducted by an automated system that alerts our staff with a red flag distinction when there is an issue with your payment.

You will be alerted through email if CC authorization is required for your order to be processed. Please fill out and return the form provided with the correct information, either via email or fax.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Why is my tracking number invalid?

The tracking information is usually posted to your account ahead of shipment time. If you have just received your tracking number, please allow the carrier page to refresh its data within a few hours.

If it has been at least 24 hours since the tracking number was provided and you are still encountering the following error messages:

  1. Page Not Found
  2. Initiated shipment (but non-moving)
  3. Invalid Tracking Number

Please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance with your order. When contacting our team, make sure to have your order number on hand for quick assistance. 

How Can I Cancel My Order?

Cancellations are not guaranteed after your order has been placed. Our warehouse is very efficient and typically ships orders within 1-2 days after they have been placed.

This does not apply to Prebuilt or Custom Built computers. Please visit our BLD FAQ here.

Once an order is processed, it is sent immediately to our fulfillment warehouse for shipment. If you need to cancel your order, please contact our Customer Support Team as soon as possible and we will try our very best to stop the shipment.

Orders cannot be canceled after they have been shipped, but our Support Team would be more than happy to assist you with a proper RMA Return once you have received the order.

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