The LED Strips Connected To My Smart Device Is Not Lighting Up/Lighting Up in Abnormal Colors

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If you are using a Gen 2 Controller, Smart Device v2, or N7 Z490 and our CAM software are able to detect the device but the strips do not light up or are lighting up in abnormal colors, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check if all the strips are properly aligned. The arrow on the connection cable should be pointed to the +5V on the strip. If you are using any extension cables check those as well.
  • Be sure that the SATA or Molex power is properly connected as it is what provides power to the LED strips. You can try using a different power connector on your power supply to see if the port on the power supply is working correctly. If you can confirm the power connectors are all functional, then you likely need a replacement for your lighting controller. You can contact the Customer Support Team for a replacement.

If you need assistance with additional troubleshooting or have any further questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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