Hue 2 Ambient Installation

Step 1:

Using the provided 3M tape, attach the controller to the lower left corner on the back of your monitor. Please leave at least (3in) of space between the bottom and left side of the controller.

Step 2: Plug in the wall adapter into the appropriate wall socket with correct adapter for your region.

Step 3: Connect the power adapter to the ambient controller and also connect the micro usb usb cable to your controller and then to your system with the standard USB type A to the back of your system.

Step 4: On the back of your monitor, start with the vertical strip on the left side first (Channel 1 – Strip #1), with the male end of LED strip towards the top of the monitor and female end facing the bottom. Connect the 150mm (6in) Connection Cable from Channel 1 on the controller to the female connector on the LED strip.

Step 5: Connect the correct length LED strips for the horizontal edge of your monitor. Do not remove the backing from the adhesive tape yet. Connect the 150 mm extension cable to the vertical strip. Remove the adhesive backing then position the horizontal strips and carefully adhere them, making sure the connectors are aligned correctly. Create a loop in the 150 mm corner extension and connect it to the horizontal LED strip. Using the cable holder, secure the 150 mm corner extension cable to the monitor.

Step 5: REPEAT for the other strips --- Install CAM, and you’re DONE.


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