CAM v1.1.3 Change Log

CAM Version 1.1.3 Has Arrived!

Finally making some great progress on bug fixing and mobile development! We’re terribly sorry to keep you waiting for such a long time, but NZXT has finally submitted the iOS CAM application to the iTunes appstore. It’ll be available for download as soon as the application is approved. For all of you Android users, we are working as quickly as we can and will hopefully be able to push it to the Google Play Store shortly after the iOS download goes live. We will be sure to give you all another update as soon as that is ready. Until then, if you haven’t automatically updated, please download the latest version of CAM at


New Features

  • Hide Public IP option has been added to settings
  • You may now disable pop-up notifications
  • Previous notifications will now sync to your account for access with linked computers
  • Mobile-specific app features have been added (disabled until iOS link is active, more on this later!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CAM crashing at launch issue
  • Fixed issues with multiple Kraken usage
  • Fixed issues with improper notification settings
  • Fixed issues logging in

Upcoming Features (Next Major Update Will Include) 

  • CAM for iOS
  • WakeOnLan – You will soon be able to turn on/off linked computers on the same network using your smartphone or another computer.
  • Mobile Notification Pushing – CAM notifications will be pushed directly to your mobile device in real time.
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