I'm experiencing freezing with CAM. Help!

Please double check your version by clicking the about button on the quick launch popup. 

If you are currently using v1.1.1, this version was accidentally patched before proper testing was done, resulting in a variety of freezing and system hangs. 

The newest version, v1.1.2, fixes all of these problems and activates the Kraken+ and GRID+ modules within CAM. 

If you've update to v1.1.2 and are still experiencing freezing or system hangs, please submit a bug report directly to our dev team and track their progress on it.

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    Willie Sanches

    Hello, I am using for some time the GRID + control and had freezing problems including the new 2.0 version of CAM software. I found that the reason was the priority in which he was executed by the system, because only froze when I was using some software that required all the machine's processing power such as Adobe package (After Effects, Premiere and Encore).
    The problem is that freezing it failed to control so the temperature climbs and the coolers were still low rpms.
    So the best way I found to solve the problem was to create a .bat file with a command line to increase the priority of the process responsible for the CAM software, and create a scheduled task in Windows to run this .bat file after the CAM already was running.
    I use NZXT products a few years and I am a fan of the brand and believe that they can solve this problem, I am waiting for the Kraken X61 arrive in stores in Brazil to buy it (unfortunately is hard to find NZXT products in stores in Brazil) would be a hardware interesting but it would be even better if the software worked under any circumstances without any adaptation by the user.

    Now grateful for the attention and sorry for English'm using Google Translate.

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