What Is The 80PLUS Rating, What Does It Mean for the 90 V2?

The 80PLUS organization has defined the efficiency standard for power supplies, giving us a clear example of what good efficiency is, something we strive to have on all of our PSUs.

These are the various 80PLUS Certifications available.

The 80PLUS standard guarantees:

  • Efficiency: You can find the certificate of selected PSU on the official 80PLUS web site that guarantees you the specific energy efficiency.
  • Accurate Wattage:  Some PSU providers sell product by peak power rated number. The 80PLUS certificate ensures the PSU produces 100% accurate wattage when used. True wattage is very important since if you buy something based on peak power, it will not perform consistently or possibly at all.
  • Active PFC: Some reviewers call this APFC, simplified to active power factor corrector. The purpose of APFC is to make the apparent power equal to true power.  APFC corrects reactive loading from the wall outlet to the power supply. APFC prevents energy from being wasted from power company to consumer, giving greater efficiency for both the provider and consumer. At the same time, your PSU will have better voltage regulation while running slightly cooler, letting the PC perform as stable as possible.

According to those benefits, NZXT suggests 80PLUS certificated PSU to enthusiast in all cases. 80PLUS Certification also saves you money!

You can save up to $80 a year with an 80PLUS Gold Certified power supply over a vanilla 80PLUS Certification, the gulf with a non-rated PSU would be even larger. This is also another reason why NZXT only offers 80PLUS certified products.

Our HALE 90 V2 is 80PLUS Gold certified for excellent power efficiency and savings.

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