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This article will cover general questions regarding the NZXT Rental.  If you have any questions not covered by this article, please check out the guides linked below:

How does the NZXT Rental option work?

Renting an NZXT PC allows you to pay a monthly fee for your gaming PC without committing to a large upfront purchase or committing to the purchase through a payment schedule.  You can cancel whenever you'd like and return your PC with no hidden fees.  We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label so that you can return the PC with the original packing materials.

What is the benefit of renting over buying a PC?

While there are a number of benefits for renting a PC over buying one, there are a few in particular that may stand out to most users:

  • Quick access to an NZXT Gaming PC without having to pay a large sum of money up front.
  • No long term commitment or hidden fees, if you decide that the PC is not a good fit simply cancel the rental subscription and return the PC.
  • Unlimited-term warranty assistance covering any hardware issues for the rental PC.
  • Quick and easy access to future upgrades when they become available.

I really enjoy my rental PC, can I choose to buy it?

The NZXT rental service is not a rent-to-own program, as this service also includes additional warranty service and upgrade paths traditionally not found in a rent-to-own or lease-to-own program.  If you are interested in buying your rental PC, please contact us to see if an exception can be made.

Are any peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, or monitor provided?

No peripherals such as the mouse, keyboard, or monitors will be provided with the rental PC.  Feel free to use any peripherals you have on hand or purchase a new set from our collections below:

What PCs are available through the rental service?

Currently, we are only offering the Player:  Two prebuilt PC as part of this service

Can I upgrade my rental PC to a different PC?

Upgrades are a core part of our new rental service, however at this time we are only able to offer the Player:  Two prebuilt.

Can I upgrade, change or add parts to my rental PC?

For all PCs rented through this service, you will not be permitted to upgrade, change, add, or remove any components from the PC.  If you run into any issues such as a hardware failure, please reach out to our support team.

Am I required to keep the box?  What if I lose the shipping box?

For all rental PCs, we request that you keep the box and any packaging materials your PC is delivered with.  If you no longer have the original box or packing materials and need to return your product or receive service, you may be charged a fee for replacement packing materials.

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