How to Package your BLD PC for RMA Service (H5 and H7 Series)

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This article will cover how to properly package your NZXT H5 or H7 BLD system for shipping to our warehouse.  If you received approval for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from our Customer Support team, you are required to follow these guidelines to ensure safe delivery of your PC to our warehouse. 

Failure to properly package your system may result in damage to the system or internal components, which may result in your system warranty being marked as void.  NZXT is not responsible for damage or loss caused due to improper packaging.

If you have added any additional components to your PC, such as additional storage (i.e. HDD, SSD, M.2, etc.), fans, memory (i.e. RAM), or case accessories (display figures, capture cards, etc.), please remove these items before sending in your PC.  NZXT is not responsible for any lost or damaged third party components or accessories during the RMA process.

This article only applies to systems built using the following cases:

  • NZXT H5 Series
    • NZXT H5 Flow / Flow RGB
    • NZXT H5 Elite
  • NZXT H7 Series
    • NZXT H7
    • NZXT H7 Flow / Flow RGB
    • NZXT H7 Elite
  • NZXT H510 Series
    • NZXT H510 / NZXT H510i
    • NZXT H510 Elite
  • NZXT H710 Series
    • NZXT H710 / H710i

If your case's model is not listed above, please check out our main packaging guide linked below:

NZXT Support - How to Package your BLD PC for RMA Service

What do I need to package my PC?

All NZXT BLD systems will ship with specialized packing materials designed for the case used in order to ensure that the system is safely handled in transit.  We recommend holding onto these packaging materials for the full term of your PC's system warranty (2 years).  These materials will include the following:

  • One (1) large, double corrugated ("double-wall") cardboard box
  • Two (2) foam case blocks
  • One (1) or Two (2) pre-cut foam GPU braces
    • The number of braces will be dependent on the GPU shipped with your PC.  Larger GPUs will usually include two braces.
  • One (1) or Two (2) cardboard wraps for the GPU
  • One (1) cardboard wrap for the top mounted fans*
  • One (1) cardboard cavity filler for bottom inset fan (H5 Series cases only)
  • Heavy-duty packing tape (not included)
    • We recommend using 3" wide packing tape rated for at least 60 lbs. to properly seal the package.  Please do not use masking tape.

*Only included with systems that ship with top mounted fans.

If you are missing any of the above packing materials, please reach out to our Customer Support team for a link to purchase a replacement packing kit for your PC.

Preparing your BLD System - Internal Packaging

For this step, we'll need the following materials:

  • Pre-cut foam GPU brace(s)
  • Cardboard wrap(s) for the GPU
  • Cardboard wrap for the top-mounted fan (if applicable)
  • Cardboard cavity filler for bottom inset fan (H5 Series only)

To start, it is recommended to place the PC on its side for easier access while packaging the PC.  Take the cardboard wrap (D) for the GPU place it around the graphics card in the PC at the far right side of the graphics card as shown below.  If you received a replacement packing kit, you may need to bend the wrap around the GPU as shown below.


GPU is shown removed from the PC to illustrate details, please make sure the GPU is securely connected to the PC when shipping to NZXT.

If your system is built in an H5 Series case, your packing materials will include an additional cardboard cavity filler (F) which needs to be inserted in the bottom of the case as shown below.


If your system shipped with either fans or a cooler mounted to the top of your PC, your packing materials should include a cardboard wrap to go over these fans.  Place this wrap so that the larger face of the wrap is over your installed fans, with the folded flap facing where the glass will be installed as shown below:


If you received a replacement packing kit, the included top fan wrap may not be cut to size for your fans.  Each wrap will include perforated marks to make sizing the wrap to your specific case an easy process.


With the cardboard parts in place, the next step will be to install the included pre-cut GPU foam brace(s) (C).  Align the braces with the cardboard wraps, making sure that the shorter side of the brace is towards the bottom of the case and the longer side is towards the top of the case as shown below:


If you received a replacement packing kit, you may need to remove some of the foam from the brace in order to properly fit it to your case.  To start, we'll want to make sure that the foam is adjusted to the right height for your case.  These braces will be shipped at full height, meaning that they will not be adjusted for top mounted fans or coolers.  To adjust the height of the foam brace, remove one of the top cut outs from the foam brace as shown below:


For systems with both top fans and a radiator, remove both a and b.  For systems with only top mounted fans, only remove a.

Once the height of the case is adjusted, the next step will be to adjust the brace for the thickness of the GPU.  Align the brace with the GPU and take note of the thickness of the card relative to the removable sections in the foam brace.  Ideally, the removable section's outer edge should align with the top and bottom of the GPU, with the inner edge being smaller than the GPU to provide a snug fit when the brace is installed, as shown below:


If properly adjusted, the upper foam and lower foam will firmly grip the card while installed.

With the brace adjusted, insert the brace into the case in line with the GPU wrap and move on to closing up the case.  If you have a larger GPU, you may have two (2) GPU wraps and foam braces.  Please make sure to include the second brace installed on the left side of the GPU as shown below:


If you received a replacement packing kit, you may need to remove some of the foam from the brace in order to properly close the glass as shown below:


When removing foam from the brace, be sure that the foam is still in contact with the glass itself when the glass panel is closed.  The foam itself will have a small amount of give to allow for it to be compressed.

Attach the glass side panel to the case, then make sure that it is securely locked to the case.

  • For H5 Series builds, align the bottom edge of the glass with the lip at the bottom of the case opening and firmly press the glass along the top edge to secure the panel to the case.  With the panel secured, tighten the included captive screw at the rear of the case to ensure that it is secure as shown below.
  • For H7 Series builds, align the bottom tabs of the glass panel with the slots on the bottom of the case and then firmly press the glass along the top, left, and right edges to secure the panel to the case.

I received Instapak® Quick RT instead of foam braces, how do I use this?

If you purchased a packing material kit that came with Instapak® Quick RT packets or sourced your own Instapak® Quick RT packets, you will need to activate the packets in order to properly fill the void space within the case and protect the components during transit.  To do this, please do the the following:

  1. Completely unfold the Instapak® Size 10 bag and place it on a firm, flat surface.  Take note of the activation areas at the bottom of the bag marked and B.
  2. Press firmly on the Component A "Press Here" on the bag until you hear a small "pop sound to let you know the seal has been broken.  Do not grip, squeeze, or twist the bag to activate, as this can cause the solution to rupture.
  3. Mix Component A with Component B by quickly pressing the and B sections firmly back and forth 10-20 times each.  After a moment, you will hear another "pop" indicating that the foam is activated and the bag will begin to expand.
  4. Quickly place the Instapak® bag over the Graphics Card with the activation sections between the Graphics Card and Power Supply shroud, then close the case using the glass side panel to allow the bag to expand and fill the area.
    Please note:  During this step, the Instapak® will become very warm and release steam.  Please to not block or touch the area at the top of the bag labeled VENT.
    Please do not attempt to "stuff" the Instapak® into the area below the GPU, as forcefully pressing the bag can cause it to rupture and damage components.
  5. Allow the system to sit for at least 5-10 minutes before removing the glass.  If properly done, the Instapak® should have filled the area beneath the Graphics Card and wrapped around to the top of the card to provide a protective cushion.
  6. Repeat the above steps for the Instapak® Size 20 bag, placing the bag in the area above the GPU.  If your system shipped with an air cooler and not an AIO Liquid Cooler, the packet should be placed to the right of the air cooler tower.

For a demonstration of the using the Instapak® product, please check out the video linked below:

The above video also demonstrates how to pack your system if you only received a single Instapak® bag with your packing kit.

Once the Instapak® are inserted and cured, they should look like the PC in the example below.


Please note:  Some systems may not include two Instapak® bags and will instead include a single bag formed to wrap around the GPU.

I only received 1 Instapak® Quick RT instead of 2, what do I do?

The overall steps will be the same as the above guide, however instead of placing the packet strictly to the bottom of the card we'll want to wrap it over the GPU so that the vented section is above the graphics card so the foam wraps around the card safely.

Packing your BLD System

With your system prepared and the internal packaging properly in place we'll next need to make sure the PC is properly packaged.  For this step, we will need the following materials:

  • One (1) large, double corrugated ("double-wall") cardboard box
  • Two (2) foam case blocks
  • Your prepared NZXT BLD PC
  • Your NZXT BLD RMA Agreement
  • A shipping label

Additionally, if your PC is being returned for a refund, please include the accessory box and any accessories included with your PC as well.  For systems being sent in for repair, please do not send the accessory box, as this can be easily lost or misplaced during the repair process.  NZXT is not responsible for any lost or damaged accessories or third party components sent with the system.

If you have printed your NZXT BLD RMA Agreement, please tape this to the front of the PC or the tempered glass side panel.  Place the included foam case blocks (B) from your packing materials on the top and bottom of your PC, then insert your PC into the large cardboard shipping box with the bottom of the PC at the bottom of the box.  If you are returning the PC for a refund, you can place the included accessory box in the gap at the top of the case as shown below:


The accessory box should only be included for systems being returned for refund.  Please do not include the accessory box for systems being returned for repair unless instructed.

With the system securely in the box, close the flaps and tape the box shut using your heavy-duty packing tape.  It is recommended to double-tape the flaps lengthwise along the seam, taping an additional 3-6 inches along the side of the box from the top to ensure the box is securely closed.  Additionally, taping along the top and side edge can help further seal the box.

Lastly, make sure that your RMA Number is written somewhere on the outside of the shipping box, as this allows our team to easily identify and process your package when received at our warehouse.

Shipping your BLD System

If you have printed your shipping label, secure it to the side of the box using clear packing tape.  For International shipments, you may have also received additional customs documents along with your shipping label.  Please secure these documents to the outside of the box using a clear envelope or a resealable bag taped securely to the outside of the shipping box.  Clear envelopes can be provided or purchased from the shipping courier.

If you were provided with a prepaid shipping label by NZXT Support and do not have access to a printer, you can take the digital label on your phone or mobile device to the courier who should be able to scan and print the label on your behalf.

When dropping off the package with the courier, it is not recommended to use an unattended drop box for drop off.  Please make sure that the package is scanned at the time of drop off and request a receipt confirming that the package has been received by the courier.  With the package dropped off, please notify the agent handling your case by replying to your RMA email with a copy of your package's tracking number.

Do you have any questions not covered by this guide or need further assistance?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and one of our friendly support agents will be there to assist you.

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