NZXT H5 Series FAQ

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What are the differences between the H5 Flow, H5 Flow RGB, and H5 Elite?

Depending on the model of H5 case you pick, there will be a few key differences.  AT a glance, a few of these will be highlighted below:

  H5 Flow H5 Flow RGB H5 Elite
Mesh Front Panel Yes Yes No
Glass Front Panel No No Yes
120mm F120Q Case Fans (Case Edition) 2 2 1
140mm F140 RGB Core Fans (Case Edition) No 2 No
140mm F140 RGB Fans No No 2
RGB Controller No No Yes

The key differences between these case models is the number and type of included fans, the front panel, as well as the inclusion of an NZXT RGB Controller in the H5 Elite.

Can I control the fans in my H5 case through NZXT CAM?

This will be dependent on the model of H5 case that you are using, however no models of the H5 case include an Fan Controller with only the Elite model including an integrated RGB controller.  If you have an H5 Elite, the fan will appear in the Lighting section of the CAM Software.

  Fan Speed RGB
H5 Flow No No
H5 Flow RGB No No
NZXT H5 Elite w/ F140 RGB Fans No Yes

For the H5 Flow RGB, the RGB connector of the fans will instead connect directly to your motherboard’s 5V addressable RGB (ARGB) header and be controlled by the motherboard’s RGB software.  If you would like to control the RGB on these fans through the NZXT CAM software, you will need to purchase an additional NZXT RGB Controller.

My motherboard does not support 5V ARGB or NZXT RGB, can I use 12V RGB to control the fans on my H5 Flow RGB?

The fans on the H5 Flow RGB are only designed to be controlled by either a 5V ARGB header using the included adapter cable or through an NZXT RGB controller such as the NZXT RGB & Fan Controller.  We do not recommend plugging the H5 Flow RGB’s fans to a 12V RGB header as this can result in permanent damage to the RGB lights on the fans.

How many fans does the H5 series support?

The H7 supports the following fan sizes:

Front:  2x 120mm or 2x 140mm
Top:  2x 120mm
Rear: 1x 120mm

What radiator sizes are supported in the H5 series?  Can the H5 series support multiple radiators?

The H5 is one of our more compact case options, yet still features robust options for radiator mounting for those using either closed-loop AIO based cooling or those looking to create a truly unique PC with custom water cooling.

The H5 supports the following radiator sizes for liquid cooling:

Front:  120mm based radiators up to 240mm, 140mm based radiators up to 280mm
Top:  120mm based radiators up to 240mm
120mm radiators

What is the maximum CPU cooler height for the H5 series?

The H7 series of cases supports CPU coolers up to 165mm in height, which covers a broad range of tower coolers on the market.

What is the maximum GPU length for the H5 series?

The H5 series supports GPUs up to 365mm in length, however this may be reduced if you are using a front-mounted radiator in the system.  If you are using a front-mounted radiator, you will need to subtract the thickness of the radiator from this total length to determine the maximum GPU length available.

Does the H5 Flow panel fit on the H5 Elite?  Can I purchase a Flow panel separately?

The front panel on the H5 series of cases are fully interchangeable, however it is recommended if you are using the tempered glass front panel from the H5 Elite to also use the accompanying vented side panel to allow additional airflow with the case.

Inventory for front panel replacements on the H5 cases are extremely limited and will be prioritized for warranty purposes.  For more information, please reach out to our Customer Support team.

The light around the power button is blinking, is there a problem with my PC?

The power button on the H5 series of cases includes two LEDs:  a Power Indicator and a Drive Activity Indicator.  When your SSD or HDD is being accessed, this light will blink rapidly until the PC returns to an idle state.  This light cannot be disabled without modification to the F_PANEL cable or by using a splitter cable (not included) with the case to disconnect the HDD_LED connection.  Some motherboards may include a setting to disable this light, however this functionality is not guaranteed.

Please note, our customer support team will not provide assistance with modification of the F_PANEL cable.

My microphone does not work through the top 3.5mm audio port, but my headphones work fine, how do I fix this?

The 3.5mm Headphone/Microphone “combo” port is made to work with any 3.5mm “CTIA” headset with an included microphone.  Please make sure that your headset is securely connected to the 3.5mm port and that your audio device is set within Windows to the appropriate port for your headset microphone.

If you are getting loud static, the Default Format may be set too high for your microphone.  The most common compatible formats are:

  • 1 or 2 channel, 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)
  • 1 or 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)

If the Mic is completely unresponsive, check the model information for the headset itself and confirm that it uses a CTIA compatible 3.5mm jack.  Some headsets may use the less common OMTP standard which will not be compatible with the combo port.

What size radiators are supported on the H5 series?

The H5 series will support either a 240mm or 280mm front-mounted radiator, a 240mm top mounted radiator, or 120mm rear mounted radiator.  For front mounted radiators, the maximum total clearance will be up to 45mm without interfering with the cable bar.

Please note, by installing a front-mounted radiator this will impact the overall maximum length of GPU that will be supported within the PC.  Most standard AIO radiators have a thickness of 30mm, which will result in your maximum GPU length being reduced to 335mm.  Always be sure to check the thickness of your radiator as well as the length of your GPU before assembly.

For optimal installation, please make sure that the fans are mounted towards the outside of the case on the bracket, with the radiator towards the inside of the case on the bracket.  If properly installed, the mounting bracket should be sandwiched between the radiator and fans.

Is the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit compatible with the H5 series?

Yes!  The Vertical GPU Mounting Kit is fully compatible with the H5 series of cases and is a great way to show off your components.  

Please note:  By installing the vertical GPU mounting kit you will not be able to install additional PCIe expansion cards.

Can the bottom 120mm ducted fan be removed or replaced?

The bottom 120mm ducted fan can be easily removed from the H5 series of cases.  It is recommended before attempting to remove the fan to remove the cable bar as well as this will make the process much easier.

With both the solid and glass side panels removed, locate the two screws behind the solid side panel which secure the duct to the case and release the screws.

Once released, push the duct and fan up through the opening in the power supply shroud and remove the duct from the tempered glass side of the case.  The fan itself will be secured to the duct.

For more information, please refer to the user’s manual linked on the H5 product page.

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