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What is the sample rate/resolution of the Capsule Mini?
24-bit, 48000 Hz (48kHz)

Can the integrated stand be removed? Is the Capsule Mini compatible with a mic arm?
Yes! The integrated stand can be easily removed by loosening the two nuts located on the side of the Capsule. Once removed, the Capsule Mini can be attached to most boom arms or mic stands using a 1/4" or 3/8" thread so long as it meets the weight requirements of the arm. For those using the more common 3/8" thread, an adapter is included in the box.

Is the Capsule Mini compatible with the NZXT Boom Arm?
The Capsule Mini is not compatible with the original NZXT Boom Arm due to its light weight. Instead we would recommend using the Capsule Mini with the NZXT Mini Boom Arm.

What is the pickup pattern/polar pattern of the Capsule Mini?
The Capsule Mini exclusively uses a Cardioid pattern and is not switchable. With the Capsule Mini being a gamer/streamer first product, we've gone with a Cardioid pattern to not only maximize utility but also make sure that background noise such as your keyboard typing and mouse clicks are kept to a minimum.

Can I use any USB-C cable with the Capsule Mini? The black cable doesn't work for me.
Yes! If you'd like to swap the cable to match your setup then feel free to do so. Please be sure however that the cable you use is terminated in USB Type C and that it supports data transfer. Some cables on the market may be charging exclusive and may not work with the Capsule Mini

Does the Capsule Mini have audio passthrough?
Not only does the Capsule Mini feature audio passthrough but using the CAM software you also gain access to Sidetone adjustment where you can actually adjust the mic audio being read back to you. This can be useful in cases where you're tying to get a grasp of how you sound while streaming.

How do I adjust the gain on the Capsule Mini? The Capsule had a knob for this, but the Mini only has volume.
For adjusting gain on the Capsule Mini, you'll need to either manually adjust it in the Windows Recording Device settings or adjust it in the Audio panel found in the NZXT CAM software.

Can the light on the Capsule Mini be disabled?
At this time, there is no way to disable the light on the Capsule Mini as it is used as an active status monitor. While the light is bright white, this means that the microphone is live while if it is orange then the mic is muted.

How do I mute the Capsule Mini?
Simply press the volume knob and the light on the Capsule Mini will turn from White to Orange. While the light is Orange, the Capsule Mini is muted and will no longer record your audio. Press the knob again to change the light to White and you'll be heard again.

Can I use the Capsule Mini with my mixing board? Does the Capsule Mini support XLR, RCA, or any other type of connection other than USB for recording?
Out of the box, the Capsule Mini only supports USB input. This means that aside from some niche boards that are able to mix USB devices as a passthrough, the Capsule Mini is not going to be supported with most mixing boards. Further more there is no way to connect the Capsule Mini over XLR, 3.5mm, RCA, or any other analog connection type.

Which angle to I speak into the Capsule Mini from? Does the Capsule Mini pick up audio from the front, top, or all around?
As the Capsule Mini is a Cardioid microphone, you'll need to speak into it from the front of the mic where the volume knob is facing. Other locations may result in degraded recordings.

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