Updating your N7 B550 (USB)

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NOTE 7/20/21: For newer AMD CPUs/APUs, an update to the BIOS Flashback FW is needed in order to update your motherboard within the BIOS. Follow the instructions below in order to run this FW update.

To perform this FW update you will need to download the updater shown at the link here. Once the update is downloaded, right-click on the ZIP file and press "Extract All..." to extract the contents of the ZIP. Then click "Extract" on the next window that comes up.


Once extracted, you will need to right-click on FlashbackFWUpdate.bat and select Run as administrator. If prompted by UAC, click ‘Yes’ to proceed.


Then press any key to continue the update. The following message will appear when the update process is complete.


Keep in mind that if this FW update is not performed prior to any BIOS updates made to your motherboard, your motherboard may become bricked.

In the event of a new BIOS being released by NZXT, you will need to update to make sure all of your components are running properly in your system. To find the latest download for the BIOS, head to our product page here.

Keep in mind that when a BIOS update is completed your settings will have reverted to their default options. It is possible to retain these settings when a BIOS update is completed so you will need to go back and enable anything you need within the BIOS now.


Once on our site scroll down and select the downloads section to find the latest BIOS version for install.


We will be updating the BIOS within the motherboard itself, so for this example, you would download the BIOS Version P1.30 (Instant Flash). Once you have downloaded the BIOS, right-click on the ZIP file and press "Extract All..." to extract the contents of the ZIP. Then click "Extract" on the next window that comes up.


Upon being extracted, you will need to get a USB flash drive for storing the BIOS update file. We recommend that you format the flash drive to make sure that it will be read by the motherboard while in the BIOS. This can be done by right-clicking on your USB flash drive and selecting “Format” from the menu. When formatting, make sure that the File System is set to FAT32 and that you check the “Quick Format” ticker. Then press “Start”. (Shown below)

After being formatted, you will then need to move the N7 B55XT1.30 file to your empty flash drive. This can be done by dragging the file from the folder it was extracted into the flash drive. (Shown below)


After this has been done, you will want to restart your PC, upon starting up, at the NZXT splash screen, press the Del (Delete) key on your keyboard until you are put into the BIOS. At the time you have gotten into the BIOS, you will need to go to the “Tool” tab shown below.

Then select “Instant Flash” from the Tool Tab. (shown below)

When you have selected this option a new menu will appear, it will show the previously transferred BIOS update file. If the correct file is present go ahead and click on “Update”. (Shown Below)

Then a prompt will appear asking you if you want to update the UEFI to the previously mentioned file. Press the “Yes” button. (Shown below)

Now the update will begin, this will take some time, once completed a new prompt will come up to let you know the update is complete and you will need to press “Enter” on your keyboard to restart your PC. Once your PC is restarted your update is complete. The version should be shown on the “Main” tab within the BIOS. (Shown Below)

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