Updating your N7 Z490

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In the event of a new BIOS being released by NZXT, you will need to update to make sure all of your components are running properly in your system. To find the latest download for the BIOS, head to our product page here. Once on our site scroll down and select the downloads section to find the latest BIOS version for install.

We recommend installing updates for your BIOS directly within Windows, so for this example, you would download the BIOS Version P1.50 (Windows) installer. Once you have downloaded the BIOS, right-click on the ZIP file and press "Extract Here" to extract the contents of the ZIP.

Once extracted, you should have a folder that looks something like this.


Before moving forward with this install, close all applications running on your PC possible. This means turning off any games, game boosters, recording software, voice chat software, and basically anything that is running on your PC that you can close. Once everything is closed, double-click on the "ASROM" application. If you have UAC (User Account Control) enabled, you will need to approve the prompt that pops up. Next, the installer will verify that you have closed all applications with you.


Press OK once you have made sure that you have any other applications closed. Then the install process will begin. Once done, you will be prompted to restart your PC. Type in "Y" into the prompt and press enter to restart your system as shown below.


After this your PC will restart, upon restarting, you will be greeted with a new screen as the BIOS install is finalized. Once completed your PC may restart 3-5 times until it finally starts loading your operating system. Once you are back in the OS, you are fully updated and safe to fully shut down the PC when done using the system for your session.

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