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What surfaces will the Puck stick to?

The NZXT Puck will stick to most metallic surfaces thanks to its built-in magnets.  Any surface that will accept a magnet, such as most computer cases, metal desk frames, or even your fridge are great places for the Puck to hang out.

Can the magnet weaken over time?

Like with any magnet, it is possible that the magnets in the Puck may wear over time and lose their magnetism.  If the magnets in your Puck fails within the 2-year warranty period however, we'll go ahead and replace it for you at no expense.  Just be sure to hold on to your receipt!

Can I wash my Puck?

Yes!  Let's face it, dust and grime will get onto anything outside of a clean-room environment.  As the Puck is likely going to be holding headphones, a VR headset, or other things that will cause it to get touched several times a day it's going to get dirty.

To clean your puck, it's recommended to soak the Puck in warm water mixed with a mild soap to loosen any dirt and grime from its surface.  From here, use a lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe the Puck dry or allow it to air dry.  We do not recommend using other types of cloth as this can result in unsightly residue from the cloth sticking to the silicone.

What can I hang on my Puck?

Most Puck owners tend to use the Puck to hold a VR headset or headphones, however the only real limitations would be the weight of the item and if it has a surface that allows you to hang it.  We've seen everything from VR Headsets and Headphones to Tablets and Smart Phones being placed between the two halves of the Puck.

If you come up with an interesting way to use your Puck, feel free to show it off and give us a tag.

Can I get a Puck in colors not listed on the site?

Unfortunately this isn't something we offer at this time.  Pucks are available in the following colors:

  • Matte White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Matte Black

Sometimes you may even see some special, limited edition Pucks included with various NZXT products, so keep an eye out!

Can I paint my Puck?

Due to the Puck being made from Silicone, it may not be very accepting of most paints which can result in peeling or cracking after a short period of use.  You can however write on a puck with a permanent marker and it should stick if you'd like to customize your Puck or maybe get it signed.

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