Troubleshooting problems with fan power and the Smart Device v2 (H510i)

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The Smart Device v2 is an RGB and Fan Controller included within our "i" series cases such as the H210i, H510i, and H710i. If you are having problems with this product and your fans spinning, this article will help you troubleshoot this.

Troubleshooting problems with fan power

One potential issue that can arise is the lack of fan power with the fans connected to the controller. Firstly, please verify if a fan RPM is listed in our CAM software for the smart device (example found below). If your product is not recognized in our CAM software, this is likely the cause of your issue, please refer to our article on this issue, My CAM Powered Device Is Not Recognized for help on this problem.

If an RPM is not shown, verify that your fans are correctly connected to your Smart device on the corresponding fan header on the controller. If an RPM is listed, test your fans directly connected to your motherboard. If those fans still do not spin up, the fans being used are defective. If those fans were included with the case and you are within the 2-year warranty, contact customer service for assistance.


If your fans are hooked up properly to the controller and there is still no RPM, make sure to reconnect your controller's power cable and all fan cables to rule out problems with connectivity. Under the circumstance that your fans are not spinning still, we will need to evaluate if your fans are triggering the OCP (Over Current Protection). This is a safety feature that prevents your fans from pulling more current than the controller supports. Per-channel there is a 10-watt limit that if you exceed, the fans will not power on at all. Most fans will list the total wattage they are able to pull on the back of the fan.


If the fan you are using does not list its wattage but does list the voltage and the amperage, then you can calculate the wattage it can pull. To do so, pull up a calculator and multiply the voltage by the amperage. So if the fan is 12V and pulls 0.18A, the equation would be 12×0.18=2.16, then add that together with the other fans on that channel to verify if the total is under 10 watts. If your fans exceed the 10-watt limit, then we recommend changing your configuration to not trigger this limit.


If you are not exceeding the limit it is possible there is a defect with the included fan splitter cable, try removing all splitters and test the device with a fan in each channel. If the fans begin to spin, test each splitter one at a time until you find which splitter is causing this problem. Lastly, if the fans still do not spin when connected directly to the controller then please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

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