How soon can I get the AM4 Bracket?

Due to the recent release of the new AMD Ryzen CPUs, a new AM4 sockets has been introduced We at NZXT believe in providing high-quality components to our customers as well as exceptional customer service no matter where you live. We are currently producing a retention bracket to support the new AM4 socket as well as the AM2 and AM3 sockets and will be providing this for free to all qualified users.

It was recently brought to our attention that there is a possible compatibility issue as shown here. At this time we are waiting on our partner Asetek to complete compatibility testing across all available AM4 motherboards. We do not have a planned ship date at this time but we will be updating soon with more information.

We will still be accepting requests from qualified users for the AM4 bracket at this time.

At this time we do not have an estimated time for when we will have our units ready for shipping. Please stay posted for more updates.

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